Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
I'm in Akron and love vinyl. I just got a new Music Hall MMF-9, my preamp tweaked and a new pair of JM labs Electra 926's.Life is good.
Geneva Oh. Addicted to Two Channel. Are there any good shops around anymore? They all seem to close.
I live in the Cleveland area. I use strictly 2 channels for music listening. When I go to a concert I feel that that is the way I hear the sound. The orchestra or band is in front of me. The sounds from the side and rear are echoes, and people coughing. I don't feel I'm missing anything in 2 channels.
I have a cool setup on my home theater system, though. I wasn't going to get a surround system originally. I have a wonderful Sansui G8000 receiver I use on that system. 120W per channel, separate power supplies for each channel all the way back to separate windings on the transformer for each channel. On this system I also have a Luxman PD-375 TT, a Sony DTC1000ES DAT, a TEAC 6010GSL, an Onkyo Integra DX708 CD player, and a Denon DRM-710 cassette deck. Mostly I use this system for listening to music. Last summer at a garage sale I found a Sony ES surround amp. This is a really nice unit that has an amp for the surround and center channels and line level outputs for the fronts with steering logic for all 5 channels. It has stereo rear channels, not mono like on most Mid-Fi junk. The Sansui has a 4 channel adapter bus on it, so I have the surround connected there. Now, when I watch a movie or Star Trek Enterprise, I push the 4 channel adapter switch and turn on the surround decoder. I have very convincing 4 channel surround (I don't bother with the center channel) for movies, and I switch it out for listening to music.

Cuyahoga County Audiophiles, Gathering two channel audiophiles together to compare and contrast systems and opinions toward advancing audio reproduction.Lets all get together and hear what each other is pursueing,and to what ends.Outside of Cuyahoga-no discrimination:all 2 channel persons welcome! Tom
Count me in. I'll be moving from Cleveland to Parma in two weeks. I'll like to get together and hear some different setups. I'm especially interested in high-sensitivity/high-efficiency set-ups, low power, single driver, horns, etc. I'm a panel-head and would like to hear something different! Though I would really like to hear any setup. I'd like to get some ideas on a possible new direction in which to takemy system. Shoot me an email through the audiogon system. Thanks.

Parma, OH