Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Hello Cleveland/Akron audiophiles! Golden Gramophone, in Fairlawn, is AWESOME.
I highly recommend this shop. Very friendly sales guys who are actually into 2 channel. I've sat for hours in there listening to Von Schweikert VR4 Jr.'s on Audio Research amps, with no intention of buying, they know I couldn't afford it.

Anyhow, is there a Cleveland area audiophile/2 channel club? I'd be willing to join, and even help organize it.

I live in Akron and have a modest 2 channel system consisting of Polk Audio speakers, McCormack pre, and Rotel power amp.
I don't know about Cleveland 2ch club. Will happily participate. I have Cello Elves, currently working on resuscitation of McIntosh MC2205 have also mac preamps Garrard table and as I am damn DIYer, rebuiling Torrens 160 turntable my increadible way. I do experiment. Maybe too much....
Well, it seems there are a number of us willing to form a Cleveland area audiophile/2 channel club. I'd be happy to help organize this. Note I said help organize. I guess this forum will be a good place to start. Keep posting or send emails, and maybe we can get something going.

I live in Youngstown, Ohio and have been into audio for about 10 years now (time flies). I would also be interesting in joining an 'asylum'.