Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Well Saturday looks like its gonna be alot of fun, "Ears and Beers" should be a great time for all and I am thrilled to be able to pass along an invite to some fellow Agon members, along with beers and music from all over the world there will be several amps, pre amps and speakers to listen to, I am going to be bringing some solid silver and solid copper interconnects to listen to along with a reasonable priced after market power cord, maybe a CD player to check out aswell.
So for the few members who are going to be joining me I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!
Chad and Tom,

Thanks for letting me be apart of the fun that I am sure we will be having Saturday. It will be a learning chance for me. See ya in the morning.

Thanks for the invite and your crazy jokes, you really got me good.

Thanks for the ride and conversation. Learned a bunch in the hour or three we spent together in the car. Can't wait to listen to that rig of yours.

Thanks for being a gracious host and for letting me in on my first real audio experience.

Thanks for the great story, I think it may be the funniest I have heard relating to this hobby. Looking forward to seeing and hearing some of those creations in the lab.

Thanks for all the help and the good time. I was glad to get the chance to meet you all, hope that we can do this again soon. And in april, may, or June we can do it at my new place in Brunswick.

Food, fun, and tunes. What else could a guy want on a Saturday.

Two channel is alive.