Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Sunday the 29th at 2:00pm will be the first organizational meeting. I will email some other interested people directly. Please do the same.

Email me if you plan on attending - also if you can't make it this time, but plan on joining. This will be the planning meeting so that we can decide on club format, meeting times, and any other activities.

I will give you my address and directions upon your email.

Tom Roberts
Tom I can't come that weekend, my brother will be coaching his first home college basketball game and I will be there that weekend.

I do plan on being a part of this club.


Ps. You don't work for GLIDE do you?
I wanted to thank Lvk47, Hford653 and Indahka for stopping in and giving me feedbask on my DIY speaker system.With a little help from my friends,I believe this speaker will be a hard one to beat without a ton of cash invested.If you are in the market for speaker,please come take a listen.
I am sad that I will not be there this weekend guys. Pleawe keep us posted on any developemts that take place. I look forward to meeting everyone in the next month or so.
The meeting for this Sunday at 2:00pm is on as planned. Wives/girlfriends are welcome as my wife has a short shopping trip planned for a few local stores. There will be snacks and drink. We will get the club format planned. We can do a little listening as well.

So far, we have 7 confirmed attendees.

Anyone wishing to attend that I have missed that wants directions, please email me.
At this very moment, the very first Cleveland/N.C.O. audio club is meeting together. My guess is that all are having a very nice time and the groundwork is being laid for a new group of audionuts.

Have fun all, wish I could be there.
Sorry Brownsanandy, Jim Frank and I are the only members the "Cleveland" audio club. Six others that confirmed they were coming did not show. Four others that said they hoped to make it didn't. Three including you said that they would make it another time. This makes a "maybe" audio club as far as I can tell.

I stepped up to the plate because I thought there was interest. There clearly isn't enough to take this thing forward. Gentlemen, two-channel in Ohio is dead. Actually, dedicated audiophiles are the true dying breed. We are the ones who would drop everything at a moments notice to drive 2-3 hours to hear the latest preamp. We would drive any distance if a fellow audiophile needed help or just an opinion on their latest acquisition. We love the music, the passion for the experience, the sharing of knowledge, meeting fellow audiophiles, and the equipment equally.

There are audio hobbyists. There are few audiophiles
I am disappointed.
Man, that is very sad. All the trouble of getting ready to host something like this and then to not show. Sorry that is poor form. Did they at least call to say they could not make it? There wasn't even a game today. Who all said that they were coming and did not show?
Well at least we know this up front.
There are a few guys from the youngstown area I know are serious. A couple from southern and Central Ohio.
I have been wanting to see Chads rig for the better part of six months and will be headed towards youngstown soon.

Tgun, I hope you are not gunshy about giving this another try. Not at your place I guess.

Anyone willing to host the next "party"?

Let me apologize for the whole group.

I have one last effort to get this going. Is there anyone that would be interested in going to the Detroit AK Fest, April 22-23?

Or is this club dead?

What are the details of the AK fest? What is it when is it who will be there?

Keep hope alove Andy. Even 2 people can be a club!
Cle. Heights
It might be advisable to start small.Get two-three people together,then over-lap.This is a rather personal "sport" and really shouldn't be done by committee.I have gotten together with LVK47,Hford653,Aroc and Indikah.Very different systems,but all pleasurable.But the most important aspect of all this has been an exchange of music.
Thank you all for the additions to my music selection,and of course the input and feedback from the members above on my DIY spealer system-much appreciated.
Feel free to contact me,though I prefer a smaller scale.
The link for the fest is

I went last year on Sunday and two manufacturers closed thier rooms at 1PM. Blue Note was one of them. I thought it was unethical since we paid $15 to get in. It is advisable to go on Saturday if possible

It is a nice place to pick up recordings and hear some vintage equipment.
Sorry I didn't reply to the get together. I subscribed to this thread before joining Audio Karma. We have a very active membership in the Cleveland area, and one guy who comes up from Columbus! I realy enjoy getting together with fellow audiophiles, but I really don't have time to participate in 2 clubs for get togethers. I'd like to suggest that we try to combine events. I volunteer to keep this group up to date on AK events in Cleveland and you are certainly invited to come. If you guys want to plan something I will likewise forward the info. Sorry I dropped the ball on the last one; it won't happen again. As for the AK fest, from all accounts it is lots of fun. We have several techs (myself included) as members. One guy brings his test equipment and you can get your equipment checked out. There is an equipment purchase / swap room. I would love to go but I just can't manage it right now.

I am in South Euclid. We have had 2 AK get togethers at my house. Probably the next one will be somewhere else, though not too far. I will post here and on AK when anything comes up.

Im still interested in a get together in the Cleveland area sometime soon. I travel a lot and need to know in advance of the date so that I can arrange to be in town when something happens. Keep me in the loop, Herman
Well Saturday looks like its gonna be alot of fun, "Ears and Beers" should be a great time for all and I am thrilled to be able to pass along an invite to some fellow Agon members, along with beers and music from all over the world there will be several amps, pre amps and speakers to listen to, I am going to be bringing some solid silver and solid copper interconnects to listen to along with a reasonable priced after market power cord, maybe a CD player to check out aswell.
So for the few members who are going to be joining me I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!
Chad and Tom,

Thanks for letting me be apart of the fun that I am sure we will be having Saturday. It will be a learning chance for me. See ya in the morning.

Thanks for the invite and your crazy jokes, you really got me good.

Thanks for the ride and conversation. Learned a bunch in the hour or three we spent together in the car. Can't wait to listen to that rig of yours.

Thanks for being a gracious host and for letting me in on my first real audio experience.

Thanks for the great story, I think it may be the funniest I have heard relating to this hobby. Looking forward to seeing and hearing some of those creations in the lab.

Thanks for all the help and the good time. I was glad to get the chance to meet you all, hope that we can do this again soon. And in april, may, or June we can do it at my new place in Brunswick.

Food, fun, and tunes. What else could a guy want on a Saturday.

Two channel is alive.
Hey Andy,
Glad you had a good time and got your first taste of some equipment changes.
The Alon speakers really opened up after a half hour or so after sitting for a few months, the Pass Labs amp was amazing pure class A power, the Linn pre was great to hear aswell, we played around with the 2 subs placement and got some good results.
Any locals that would like to get involved are encouraged to email me so we can get aquainted "Ears and Beers" happens every month or so at diffrent houses and is always a good relaxed time.
Anyone want to get together in Brunswick mid april to help me get the rig up and running in the new house?
If there are any takers I will put this together.

I agree with Tom (tpsonic), I prefer smaller, 2-3 person get-togethers. I just don't feel large audiences and high end audio lend themselves to each other.

With school and work now I don't have any time for this. But I'd like to get something in the works for the summer at my place, perhaps.

Also the group was somewhat functional/disfunctional before 2005. So I don't quite understand the swan songs for this group. Its demise is overestimated.

Well I am almost settled in at the new place, but things are a long way from being ready to go. Many issues with this house have kept me busy when I am not working. I hope to get my rig back up and running with the new components this week and break them in whil I am out of the country for a while. I will be ready to host this get together sometime in May, April is a no go do the the previous occupant not being out of the house till 2 weeks after I was to be in.
The room is much smaller than i was thinking and the basement is not finished as advertised, so we shall see what kind of results we get.

Are there any days that work best and who can make the drive in May?

Thanks and sorry for delays, I have have been going nuts with this moving thing.

Well Andy you missed another great "Ears and Beers" at Mikes place this time. A new Agon member joined us and brought some great vinyl, Mike had open baffle speakers he made with the 4 horn subs, 21 in mid drivers, 3 10 in mid and horn tweeters wich really played very good and very loud, at 108db efficient it was a surprise we still clipped a 500 watt amp (THE SYSTEM WAS QUAD AMPED).
Mikes wife cooked up an early Easter dinner and a huge bon fire capped off the night......another great get-together.
Home again. Nothing like a trip to the Third world to make you feel blessed. And maybe a bit ashamed.

I am home and would like to offer an invite to anyone with a bit of free time to come and check out my new nearfield listening room. I should have pics posted soon enough, when I find the box that stuff was in.

I can do it any Saturday evening in the comin three weeks, or all day this Saturday, but short notice.

Anyone looking for a killer power amp, I have a Nearly new Odyssey Khartago that has 19 plus years left on the Warantee that has been HotRodded at the Odyssey lab in Indianapolis.

You have to hear this. I would like to get others opinions, but be gentle, I am fragile.
Hello hello,
Is anyone down for Saturday June 3rd for a get together?
This will be a small group of folks to come and listen toy with the speaker placement. May also try a budget dac shootout.

I may be able to attend but I'm not sure of my schedule yet. I'd like to bring my Integra CD player to compare with the other DACs if that's ok.

Nobody showed. In fact, I only had two people repsond with any interest and they never got back with me. Talked to Karl and he said we could shoot for a June 23rd get together, but it would have to be in the evening.

The only dac that I have is the nixon, the audio sector, the Lite ah, and the DIY kit were all delayed.

Right now I am looking into some room treatment stuff. Before I do any changing.

Got some great new music.
Y'all is lucky. Clevelandplasma...Chris is a great guy. Best price, best service...and not just for plasma. This is one very satisfied customer.

Try this: Superbowl. Five days before. Nobody in the entire country has the NEC 50XM5 Plasma. 48 Hours later, delivered to the West Coast for less money than Plasma Depot, PlasmaBay, etc. etc. etc.
The weekend of July 1st.
THis is the date, and at my place for a select few. Organic steaks for dinner and BYOM.

Bring your own music.

The last time a plan was hatched I cleared my schedule and nobody bothered to tell me it was a no go, so I am going to pass.
There should be a crowd of 5-10 audio nuts enjoying the tunes, cold beer, BBQ and good company. Bring some music and your favorite cold refreshment. I can playback recordings in LP's, reel to reel, CD, SACD and DVD - The fun will start at around one PM till ???

The Magnetar system is really cookin - I'm running a quad-amped open baffle array of Urei 15" studio monitor coaxials in an WCW (woofer/coax/woofer) configuration with two 21" woofers a side and horn loaded sub.

Email me at for directions.

See ya.
I am gonna go to Mike just to sleep in the car hahaha
Oh yea and play some over hand horse shoes!
Hats off to Magnetar for another great "Ears and Beers"
his system is simply jaw dropping, I had so many big grins during dynamic music that my cheeks hurt. From the obscure to Classical it was all great music, good food, drink and laughs........hats off Mike!
Any local members (Cleveland area) that might have in their possession a Hickok 6000 tube tester?? I have a number of EL-509s that I would like to read their transconductance curves and hopefully match.
Thanks in advance,Tom
Let's try this again-Anyone interested in gettimg together to listen to music? I promise not to try and sell anything,I didn't with the members that I met.Sincerely,Tom.
If you are interested in hosting then I am all ears. If you are looking for a place to get together, I am interested as well. I still have a few organic steaks in the freezer for our group of audio friends. The time is the issue for me.
I am wearing too many hats at the moment and have been running in circles. Still have not had a chance to have anyone come over and listen to the room in the new house.
Andy, I prefer to meet people on a one-on-one basis,before getting together as a group.Weekends are probably best,but could squeeze an a week-day afternoon.
Would anyone be willing to help me get my room set up?
I have just made some big moves in my set up and want to get things dialed in.

Or just come over and listen to music would be fine.
I just found a high end two channel shop in Cleveland, there are several brand options and is only by appointment.
Here is his web site, he is also a music professor in Cleveland.
Following up on prior post...

Just did a major upgrade and moved into a new house. Anyone aware of a high quality audio person in NE Ohio that can be paid to help setup/tweak equipment that they did not sell? (Pls spare me the suggestion of talking to anyone at Audio Visions. I wouldn't let them set up the clock radio on my nightstand.)

Thanks for any suggestions.
TPsonic might be able to help, he seems like he really knows audio...if not a guy in our little club might help. email me private for info if you wish
i might be able to help you. have never done it for other people but im pretty good with the gear. although i am ashamed i was at my uncles house last night and him and myself could not figure out how to watch a movie on his 75000.00 based mcintosh entertainment system. ended up watching a video on a 100.00 all in one tv dvd system. let me know if you want my help.
There ya go Jeff, ask and you shall recieve! I would like to help or join the fun, I am good with gear and hooking up but I have a spinal disease wich really puts me at a dis-advantage.....all the same it would be fun to hang out!