Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Ears and Beers this Saturday at my place in Salem Oh, so if anyone wants to pop by let me know and I can give you info.
Had Tshirts printed up and going to have a door prize of audio related gift. Bring beers if you drink and music you want to hear, side dish welcome and I will provide burgers and dogs. 2p till ?????????????
Hi, Akron two channel listener here. When or where is your meetings or events?
Thanks, Karl
We have gatherings in the Cleve, Salem, and somewhat near Akron every couple months. Our Ears and beers club is just for hanging out and listening/drinking lol. We dont sit around and talk about gear much or do blind testing. Some do and thats fine but we just focus on fun with like minded folks. Stay tuned.
Check out the Capital Audiofest 2011 updates. Hope to see you there.
Anyone willing to show me the analog front end ropes or point to a great place to spin some vinyl before I make my next move toward 2 channel bliss.
Hey guys I wasn't sure if you would like to join us in Dayton Ohio for a night of music auditioning at our store with Magico and Boulder. We will be having some rare products that are not any where near to the Midwest and I thought I would extend our hospitality to you guys in Cleveland! We will have the Boulder 1000 series and 800 series. Magico V2's and all new rarely seen Q3's will be on the floor in two different rooms.

Let me know if you would like to come down! We are a friendly group down here in the Dayton/Cincinnati area and welcome you guys with open arms.

The event will be August 25th starting at 4pm. We will have food and drinks to make it a fun relaxing evening. Bring your Wax / CD's and 24bit music!

Please RSVP me at or call me at 937.293.6200
We are holding another even June 9th at our store. You are all welcomed to come down and join the event!

We will featuring Primare and Nordost. The beer, wine and food is free! Should you want to make a weekend run to Dayton ohio. Should be featuring the Innovation and a few other turntables from Clearaudio, and of course 24bit music.
Hey Chad, Are you guys still getting together ? Let me know if there are any upcoming events. Hope all's well. Brian, Fairview Park, OH
Hey Brian,
Yes Ears and Beers is still active, next event is Aug 17th near Chardon. Have you met Karl, or been to a E&B before? Time has me forgetting who I actually met and who just talked on here. I will not be attending Aug 17 because of family obligations but am hosting my own in I would say mid Oct at my place.
Hey Guys

Just moved here from the east coast and looking for like minded audiophiles. Are you guys still meeting?

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Is this "club" dead or still occasionally meeting? I would be interested in participating :)
Back in this after a 9 year absence. Would love to get something going again in NE/NW Ohio
Cleveland rocks, Cleveland rocks, Cleveland Rocks..... Cleveland rocks.........

Cleveland rocks!

Sorry, Couldn't resist. Hope your gang still gets together sometimes.......
OK. Let me look at my schedule and get back to you. I have someone here that will also attend. I'm in Huron, will that work for you?
@tgun5 Just noticed you being in Huron.  I'm also in Huron, and would be happy to meet with a local audio geek.  Do you hit Marconi's or the Bull at all?

Hope to hear from you!
I am originally from Huron and live in Bellevue. I would be willing to participate in a gathering if one is set up. 
Where is everyone meeting and when? I am in Cuyahoga Falls ..willing to have a go.
Looks like we have a good start. I'll be back here with some meeting options tomorrow
effischer - Don't typically hang at Marconi's or the Bull  I live in Lakefield Manor so it's Kokomo's for me. Food ain't great but the pizza and beer is.
Would love to do an initial meet & greet potentially Saturday morning - maybe breakfast somewhere? We could plan the what, where, and when for a first meeting and listening session. We can also get a great idea of times and availability of each member for planning. Thinking about a 9am meet at a restaurant - maybe Vermilion? - so it's not as far for 2psop initially. Hey I'm opened for suggestions and am willing to host the first meeting after the initial meet & greet. Let me know your ideas. Since it's easier to set up a group email in outlook, please contact me: tjroberts at bex dot net. Hopefully spelling it out will avoid the Audiogon filter
@tgun5 I'll try the direct message method.  FYI, this Saturday morning is NG for me - chores.
We have a launch. The Erie Audiophile Club is meeting for the first time at 6 pm Monday the 25th. We will be doing an initial meet & greet at Kokomo's outside patio at the Keys in Huron OH. This will be a time to talk audio, music, and to plan additional meetings. All subsequent meetings are expected to take place at members homes for listening sessions and audio talk. Anyone within driving distance is welcome.
Erie Audio Club 2nd meeting is set for October 15th at 7pm. Email for directions. 
Good times at the Erie Club Audio get together, had lots of fun. Always room for more audiophiles up here in the Akron/Cleveland area????? 
The meet was a lot of fun and very educational to boot!  Thank you to @tgun5 for hosting the first listening session and kudos to @2psyop for making the trip.  Looking forward to the next meet!
The meeting was absolutely a lot of fun. It is always good to meet people with the same interest and varying degrees of experience. Got to hear some new music that piqued my interest and hear some gear that I have never experienced. Looking forward to the next meeting.
NEXT MEETING of the Erie Audio Club:
Saturday November 18th @ effischer.

Please email for the up between 5-10pm
Evidently I overstepped by boundaries. Anyone wanting to attend should email member effischer first.
Good meet last night! Planning another for next month. Com'on over Cleveland audiophiles, we are only an hour away!
It definitely was a good time last night. It is good to hear some new music and to be able to chat with other audiophiles. Looking forward to the next meeting. 
Yeah that was fun on Sat. Good times, cool tunes. Thanks to the host and all who came, but are there are more audiophiles who want to be part of the club? Tgun share with us all those first rate Jazz CDs that was spinning?
I live in the far west side of Cleveland, both my wife and I work downtown.  In my bedroom I have a 2.1 ch. mid-fi system, basement rec room is my HT setup, so I’ve got both, but love my 2.1 setup.  I’d love to attend a meeting!

Anyone here interested in another or first get together now that COVID has settled down? tgun5 still out there? csmgolf? any others for some tunes and audio?