Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS

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Too much going on and my fellow audiophiles PM'd me with prior commitments and/or work conflicts. It's best to reschedule in August 2022 because Fri 7/29/2022 will not work for everyone. We need at least 3-4 to join in. Sorry guys but I know milpai, mikld, csmgolf and another friend of mine are interested. So stay tuned to this thread and happy listening. And all others let us know if your interested in an audio get together/ listening session.

I have only heard from one person interested in an audio listening session at my place on Friday 7/29/2022 in Cuyahoga Falls at 730pm. It’s summertime so I know it’s very busy but PM me before 7/28/2022 if you want to come, otherwise I will try to reschedule the event later in August.

PSA Summertime should be funtime!!

Milpai, I am very interested in what you are doing, I just have not talked to anyone building thier own music server from scratch. There are so many advantages to this approach... I am sure you have thought of them. I wish you the best of luck and can't wait to hear your personally designed, engineered and hand built music server!

Yes, Thanks for organizing the meet William. Unfortunately it is always too less a time when you discuss audio.

Anyway for me, the goal is to build my music server in the next week or 2. 90% of the parts arrived yesterday with 2 more pieces expected next week or so.

So we had a meet and greet at Nervous Dog and a few of us had a great time drinking coffee and talking audio. For those of you who came or wanted to come I am hosting a smallish audio session at my place in Cuyahoga Falls. Most here can just PM me if you want to come. BTW csmgolf, we missed you at Nervous Dog, but I do understand we all have family/friends/work commitments and we do audio for fun.

Thanks William

See you guys tomorrow AM at the Nervous Dog coffee shop. I will be wearing a music themed t-shirt 😊

Ok guys we are set for this Sat morning at 8am. July 23 at Nervous Dog coffee shop in Fairlawn Ohio for a Northeast Ohio meet and greet. Address again is 3763 West Market St. We have three of us, maybe four if csmgolf can make it based upon feedback I have from everyone. 

I am William and I will be wearing an orange jacket so you'll know who I am. I will come a little early to secure a table. Hope to see everyone in person...

@reubent, not a bad seat in the house. We were front and center 2nd row at the war on drugs concert a month back, and we were so far in we weren’t getting much information from the main line arrays, we were hearing the onstage sound almost equally, but yes overall not a bad seat in the place.

@mikld - Thanks for the reply. I lived in Cleveland in 1982/84 and visited the bars in The Flats on many occasions. Been back a couple of times over the years, but never to Jacobs Pavilion.

Question: I’ve looked at the seating chart and it looks like nearly any of the seats would be decent for a show. The David Gray show had some really inexpensive seats, high in the reserved seating are ($39) and in the general admission areas ($29). Would it be worth a visit, even if I got stuck with less than ideal seats?

@reubent Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica is set against the Cuyahoga River in the flats district, you'll regularly have large ship/boat traffic floating by behind the band which makes for a fun background while watching concerts, and usually there is a nice breeze coming through along the river.  The sound system is good.  the pavilion keeps the elements out.  Plenty of parking available.  Access to east and west bank of the flats to go to dinner or grab a drink via a couple bridges.  Surrounding neighborhoods are a bit sketchy, but the flats area is pretty well trafficked with a lot to do.  Overall its a great place to see a show, i've seen a lot there, my favorite was David Byrnes' American Utopia show, that was one the best shows i've seen.

Wish I was in Cleveland tonight for the David Gray show at Nautica. Unfortunately, just couldn't make the drive from Cincinnati. Hopefully I'll catch him when he circles back around to Nashville... Never been to Nautica. For any of you Clevelanders who've seen a show there, how is it?

milpai, great nice you can come. I want to know more about your preamp and speakers. 

Alright then, lets meet next Saturday William.

And I agree with the time. Makes sense.

Ok guys. I think we have a date, place and time for a meet and greet. Looks like mikld and myself are on board. I have not heard from csmgolf (so if you are out there, come on by) and I think milpai might come. All others watching this thread, just come get a coffee and say hello.

The place is Nervous Dog Coffee shop on 3763 West Market street in Fairlawn. The date is Saturday July 23rd at 8am. They have pastries and coffee and various drinks.

I am hoping everyone can make it and that’s why I planned it early, because I know everyone has family, friends,  events and things to do with the rest of the day. Also if you can’t stay too long or can’t make it, thats fine too. I plan another date later.


So it looks like the weekend of the 23 ,24 July are the dates most here can make. And it looks like Fairlawn is somewhat central and breakfast/coffee is a good option. Keep checking here and I will post details later. Thanks to everyone for getting back to me, it's the only way to organize this. I will offer to host the first audio get together but we all have to meet in advance first. 

@2psyop ,

Just returned back from a vacation that was family focused. Not 1 hour of listening to music or reading these forums. I am interested in meeting up. I am close to Fairlawn, but anywhere between Cleveland and Akron will do.

Hey 2psyop, I'm available the 17th, and 22nd-24th, we can meet anywhere between Cleveland and Akron.  Nervous Dog in Fairlawn or Stow for coffee? Dinner or alcohol is good with me too, depending on what we ant to do. Thanks for coordinating.  

I am going to try to put together a meet and greet possibly next weekend July 15-16-17. Of course anyone would be welcome to come but now we have myself, mikld and csmgolf interested. If you can make the evening on Fri, Sat or Sun let me know and we have to pick a place. If evening hours are not doable then the weekend of July 22-23-24 can we plan for a morning. You guys let me know which option is best and I will try to plan it.

BTW Tom had planned some of these events in the past and he was really great at doing it. He emphasized patience because it can take a little time. Eventually the listening sessions we attended were awesome and worth all the effort. If you are out there Tom, my hat is off to you and we hope to see you again!

mikld, Well that’s three of us, yourself, csmgolf and me. I will message a couple of other guys. Lets keep this thread going...I would really like meet and re-meet some of my fellow audio gurus from NE Ohio. And yes your horn DIY sounds interesting for later this year/early next year.

Perfect- I’m in broadview hts and am willing to host but am currently only running headphones, until I build some diy horn speakers (later this year/early next year). I won’t have my system up and running until then, but keep me in the loop!

csmgolf- good to hear from you again. I think at least two others are interested in a get together, maybe mlkld and milpai...They would need to join this conversation. I live in Cuyahoga Falls and we have to pick a place to meet up. I am willing to host an event but until we find out everyones schedule and a place that’s central or acceptable we might have to do a meet and greet for breakfast or something. Just thinking out loud...

I would be interested in getting a club going again. Work has been pretty busy and time has been limited. I am definitely interested in reviving the group again though.

mikld hey can’t seem to get anyone else on board. Been trying... I might just start a new thread later...

Anyone here interested in another or first get together now that COVID has settled down? tgun5 still out there? csmgolf? any others for some tunes and audio?

I live in the far west side of Cleveland, both my wife and I work downtown.  In my bedroom I have a 2.1 ch. mid-fi system, basement rec room is my HT setup, so I’ve got both, but love my 2.1 setup.  I’d love to attend a meeting!
Yeah that was fun on Sat. Good times, cool tunes. Thanks to the host and all who came, but are there are more audiophiles who want to be part of the club? Tgun share with us all those first rate Jazz CDs that was spinning?
It definitely was a good time last night. It is good to hear some new music and to be able to chat with other audiophiles. Looking forward to the next meeting. 
Good meet last night! Planning another for next month. Com'on over Cleveland audiophiles, we are only an hour away!
Evidently I overstepped by boundaries. Anyone wanting to attend should email member effischer first.
NEXT MEETING of the Erie Audio Club:
Saturday November 18th @ effischer.

Please email for the up between 5-10pm
The meeting was absolutely a lot of fun. It is always good to meet people with the same interest and varying degrees of experience. Got to hear some new music that piqued my interest and hear some gear that I have never experienced. Looking forward to the next meeting.
The meet was a lot of fun and very educational to boot!  Thank you to @tgun5 for hosting the first listening session and kudos to @2psyop for making the trip.  Looking forward to the next meet!
Good times at the Erie Club Audio get together, had lots of fun. Always room for more audiophiles up here in the Akron/Cleveland area????? 
Erie Audio Club 2nd meeting is set for October 15th at 7pm. Email for directions. 
We have a launch. The Erie Audiophile Club is meeting for the first time at 6 pm Monday the 25th. We will be doing an initial meet & greet at Kokomo's outside patio at the Keys in Huron OH. This will be a time to talk audio, music, and to plan additional meetings. All subsequent meetings are expected to take place at members homes for listening sessions and audio talk. Anyone within driving distance is welcome.
@tgun5 I'll try the direct message method.  FYI, this Saturday morning is NG for me - chores.
Would love to do an initial meet & greet potentially Saturday morning - maybe breakfast somewhere? We could plan the what, where, and when for a first meeting and listening session. We can also get a great idea of times and availability of each member for planning. Thinking about a 9am meet at a restaurant - maybe Vermilion? - so it's not as far for 2psop initially. Hey I'm opened for suggestions and am willing to host the first meeting after the initial meet & greet. Let me know your ideas. Since it's easier to set up a group email in outlook, please contact me: tjroberts at bex dot net. Hopefully spelling it out will avoid the Audiogon filter
effischer - Don't typically hang at Marconi's or the Bull  I live in Lakefield Manor so it's Kokomo's for me. Food ain't great but the pizza and beer is.