Clicking preamp

I added a audiolab 6000 to my digital input on my parasound p5. Using Amazon hd the sound really opened up compared to bluetooth.  My problem is there is a few seconds of silence between tracks and the part I can't figure out is my p5's dac double clicks when the tracks end or begin. Ready to send it back, but I really like it. Help.



It might be Amazon Music. It’s kinda weird when listening to an album and you see the lights on the DAC change from CD quality to 24/192 from song to song. It’s almost as if they are reconstructing the album on the fly. And yes there are occasional clicks between songs and the length between songs varies as well.

So I’m listening to John Coltrane, The Lighter Side Of John Coltrane.   The first song, Soul Eyes is in HR and the second song, What’s New is 16/44.