Clock vs Streamer advice


My current system is/was

Aurender N100H>Bricasti MC1>ARC Ref6 Pre>PS BHK 300 monos>B&W 803 D3

I sold the Aurender to try a different streamer and am temporarily using a MacBook to run Roon straight the the DAC through USB. I currently don’t have a huge budget. I emailed a local shop that has a used Melco N1Z to demo at home. I am going to try it out. I also want to try the Bricasti M5 streamer to see if there is synergy with my DAC.

I also came across the Mutec MC3+USB and Mutec Ref10 Nano combination in a similar price point, but I won’t be able to demo this.

If I have to pick between using a mac>Multec MC3+USB and Ref10 Nano>dac and the Melco>DAC option, which do you think will improve sound more. I’m still pretty new to this hobby and can’t currently afford the Melco and Multec combo.


“the device you will be running your Roon core on will be the least of your problems. It’s unlikely to make any difference.”


I hope you are right. That’s not been my experience with other Roon ready devices. Maybe Aurender can keep bitstream as faithful and exquisite through Roon as they have managed to do so through Conductor app. We will see! 

ROOM Couldn't handle my library 

Innous Sense App in my Pulsar can

Loving it!

Great not having to pay $$$ to Roon

@phishhhhh4 I don't have to pay Roon any $$$, anymore.

What did you use before the Pulsar? can you share some comparisons? 

@audphile1 @zpatenaude37 Aurender has already implemented Roon integration, but to date it is only to allow Aurender be a Roon endpoint. This means a separate Roon core is still required. To enable the Aurender to be a Roon endpoint, users just need to go to the “streaming” panel in the Conductor app.