Clock vs Streamer advice


My current system is/was

Aurender N100H>Bricasti MC1>ARC Ref6 Pre>PS BHK 300 monos>B&W 803 D3

I sold the Aurender to try a different streamer and am temporarily using a MacBook to run Roon straight the the DAC through USB. I currently don’t have a huge budget. I emailed a local shop that has a used Melco N1Z to demo at home. I am going to try it out. I also want to try the Bricasti M5 streamer to see if there is synergy with my DAC.

I also came across the Mutec MC3+USB and Mutec Ref10 Nano combination in a similar price point, but I won’t be able to demo this.

If I have to pick between using a mac>Multec MC3+USB and Ref10 Nano>dac and the Melco>DAC option, which do you think will improve sound more. I’m still pretty new to this hobby and can’t currently afford the Melco and Multec combo.


I used Roon before getting my Pulsar

Given the nature of my music library I was one of a small number of users that Roon could not handle.

I used a nucleus + with my FLAC library on my NAS

Roon would always hang up between tracks, search, etc

I added memory to the Nucleus at Roon supports advice but it did not help 

I was worried about where to go if not Roon-when it works it is an excellent product.

I am thrilled to discover the Innuos Sense app is just as good at what I need it for as Roon.

My biggest knock on Roon is it's support system.

It can be very difficult to address technical issues by posting to a message board and then email back and forth . It can take days to get a reply.

I'm also not happy with the time and $$$ engaging that system led to getting the answer I was looking for as to why Roon was plagued with performance issues for me.

It took 2 yrs for them to finally tell me "well it's your library sorry"

I then asked if they would refund the cost of the nucleus +, added memory (at their advice) and my subscription fees. I was told they would not refund me.

I've never seen any info about Roon not being able to handle certain libraries. I felt that should translate into a refund for me

Anyway I'm glad to be free of them ...still gets me worked up 

First time I've thought of it for awhile

The Sense App is great as is my Pulsar. I nightly recommend both

@phishhhhh4 thanks for the response. It was actually the nucleus vs. pulsar sound comparison I was inquiring about, not so much about the whole Roon customer service experience. But now that vented a bit I hope you feel better 😉

I assume you prefer the sound of the Pulsar w sense compared to the Nucleus w Roon. Are you able to describe the attributes in which it is preferable to you? 

I'm sure I'd have some love for Antipodes if even their cheapest streamer/server was at my price point