Coaxial Output

I intend to use the coaxial output on my CDP to feed digital signal to my MD player. Can anyone tell me which interconnect I should used? What is a coaxial (digital cable) interconnect?. A friend told me that a normal RCA interconnect will do the job, is it true??
Nope, not true at all. Get a cable made up, shouldn't be too expensive, I got a Tara digital cable from Audio Advisor for around $50 a few years back
A regular rca cable will work but it's not recommended. Yes, coaxial digital has rca's, but the spec. calls for a 75 ohm cable. The cheapest route is to use a decent VIDEO cable because it is the correct 75 ohm impedence. You can also use a high end digital cable, but my video cables work just great for me with my 2 DAT machines.
Hate to spoil the tweaker's party, but Radio Shack sells 75 ohm shielded video cable for $3.95. I've compared this cable with the StraightWire Silver Link and the Tara video cables and found no discernable difference in sound quality. As much as we would like to make a digital signal as arcane as an analog signal, hard science offers no foundation for the argument. 75 ohms resistance is all you need. Cheers.
Thanks folks, one more question...How good is coaxial digital output compare to the optical digital output.
While a digital signal is just that, digits and not sound, it easy to conclude that any 75 ohm cable will do. But quality does matter in a high end system and it has to do with speed and timing of the signal. It has also been found that a lot of CD Player / Transport outputs and DACs inputs are not a perfect/true 75 ohm, so the cables impedence might be off, but right for your system, so try a few if you can borrow them. The impedence may also change slightly over the frequency response range 20KHz ot 20MHz Stick with Coax over Optical on most applications.