Cocktail Audio's New and latest X50pro Audiophile Music Streamer/server...Any Love?

So, I have been searching for the holy grail of music streamers from some time now. I have had several oppo blu-rays being used as streamers, their Senica, the Mytek Manhattan II, Metrum Acoustics Ambre, and the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400. All sounded pretty good for their respected price range, the Ambre sounded best. But, I was never totally happy with the features, etc of all these. Then I came across the newly released Cocktail Audio X50Pro, their new flagship audiophile streamer. It’s so new that there aren’t any reviews out there. It was the 1st streamer to check all my boxes of what I wanted in a streamer (except for one).  This has every digital output including three, yes three I2S outputs, 2 bays for hard drives, 7” screen and an HDMI output to also see on your big screen, CD ripper built in, works with Tidel, Roon, and just about every music streaming service, can be controlled with phone apps, even has digital inputs to rip your vinyl to the internal drives if installed. It uses dual 82 femto seconds Crystek CCHD-575 Ultra-low Phase Oscillators, completely encased in aluminum power supply, It has WIFI and Ethernet, build quality is great, and has great looks to boot. So, I guess my question is there anyone out there have any experience with this music streamer? I received mine about a week ago and so far, so good. The sound quality is excellent, but wonder how it would compare to the Auralic Aries G2, or the Aurender N10 that I have not yet tried? I would love to hear feedback from any other users out there. Oh, and as I mentioned, there is only one thing this did not check off my want list, I would have liked to see a HDMI input for SACD use and support.

Couple new functions discovered and possibly a software bug.

Last night signed up my X50Pro to Amz Music (have HD service), had to use Music X Neo app for it but works like a charm. Was browsing extensively trying to find in song with higher than 44.1k sampling frequency, no luck so far. But all music is in 32bit resolution, that's double comparing to CD. And yes, most of it sounds stunning, super clear, detailed, similar to my hires files I listen offline. Whether Celine Dion or well know A-Ha, I could not resist turning around to check unit display "what is that makes sound so good".
I also tried Group Play. It is new function that allows employing multiple X50s to play same song in sync in multiroom. Indeed it does exactly that and in perfect sync. No delay or lag noticed. One problem is for some reason my other X50D stops playing via USB Audio when group mode is enabled, I have to switch to coax output to get the sound. My X50Pro does not have this issue, plays via USB no problem whether in group play mode or not. Must be X50D software glitch which I reported to Novatron tech support.
Btw, the latest firmware available at Novatron website I used (r1688) to flash my old X50D to enable Group play, messed up the UPnP service. I am unable to access X50D library from X50Pro by Genre, Album, Artist. Only selection by song Title works, but that takes forever to display results (over 10,000 songs in my storage) so it's unusable. This did not make me happy either about new firmware, so beware to use it.

Hoping Novatron tech support will repond soon or I have to roll my unit firmware back to factory giving up Group Play function between both X50s.

That's all for now. Cheers.

"Do any of the owners of the X 50-D know of any tweaks to get “better than stock” sound out of the unit? Any upgrades besides power cord and cables which I do automatically?
maybe extra isolation, shorter signal path or upgraded capacitors etc."

Try replacing the internal/stock SATA cable with something better.
(i.e. from SSD/HDD to main board)


X50D is a digital player/streamer transport and has no analog audio circuitry path of any kind. It has been designed to its optimum performance and messing with it not only voids warranty but may also result in product malfunction.
Changing cable is not going to improve anything as it is sending synchronous high speed digital data to properly terminated interface with controlled impedance path.

My general advise is don’t fall into hype of improving digital audio path often advertized in different social media. I am EE with master of science degree, designing these circuits for over 25yrs for a living with multiple products in the market in US and around the world and I can assure you there is no room for homebrew improvement for this kind of product, it can only lead to worsening its performance or breakdown
Again, this is not an analog product, don’t mess with it. Goodluck.

P.S. word of note... about firmware upgrade Novatron was emailing users about. I confirm their latest revision R.1688 has two major bugs, one is where UPnP server stops working after upgrade, second the database root file may get corrupted showing incorrect Album information under Artist in main Album browsing view.
Also, trying to downgrade back to factory R.1530 will cause the player to be blind to music database, without ability to initialize or rescan it, as these two options will disappear from the Setup menu after downgrade from R.1688 to R.1530.

So my advise, don’t try new 1688 firnware. It may deadlock your X50D player.

Not every asian made product is Chinese.

Novatron (Coctail Audio) is South Korean company. They are building quality gear for almost 20yrs. Mechanically and sonically these products are superior, recognized and well received in Asia and Europe.
Indeed, the software department either outsources work or has poor non well defined quality standard.