CODA amp No.8, Bryston 4B3, or Ayre VX-5 Twenty

- CODA amp No.8 (version 2, 250W@8ohm)

- Bryston 4B3 (300W@8ohm)

- Ayre VX-5 Twenty (175W@8ohm)

Have you had experience with either of these amp? Can you please share your thoughts and recommendations. I’m going to buy one of them for my system:

- room: 26’ L x 18’ W x 9’ H (living room with open breakfast area)

- speakers: 2-way Human 81 DK (8ohm, 89dB, 8" woofer, 1" tweeter)

- preamp: Wyred4Sound STP-SE Stage 2 upgrades

Thanks very much!



Hey, Yes it was the Vx-5 20. I will tell you not to get the EX-8 unless you need a hot plate to cook your eggs on. The VX-5 20 is a way better component than the 8 series. 
As  far as the VX-R amp. You can order one from Ayre through a dealer. They do have some chassis left to create the build. 

Hey, The only bad thing about the AX-5 20 is there is no pre outs for subs. You can use REL and connect the black/ Neg wire to the chassis. 

Big +1 for Coda.  Have the Coda CSiB v1 integrated amp which is essentially a Coda 8 with a built in line stage. Using it to drive Thiel CS 2.4 speakers in a room which is very similar to your own. You can check out my room and system details here on Audiogon.



A big thank to you all!! As I'm unable to audition any of the amps, I have to make decision based on reviews, comments, and gut feeling, which tell me CODA No.8 is the best suitable one. So I will order the CODA No.8. Thanks!

@henrynguyentx I had the CODA #8 v1 with the hard to drive Thiel CS3.7 speakers and the V1 was more than up to the task. It also has more Class A vs V2 and V3.

If you want the CODA #8 V2 or V3 you can may also want to consider the Sanders Magtech which I believe CODA builds for them. They sound similar though I sold the #8 and have no plans of selling the Magtech. I love the Magtech

I have seen the CODA #16 up for sale for around $9k I also own this amp. If you can wait and swing for the slightly more expensive used #16, then you may never need another amp. The #16 has a ton of that beautiful Class A sound.