Coda Audio Video based in San Francisco is running a fraudulent operation

Buyer Beware...hopefully nobody else gets in with these people, this company or any new company involving the individuals below.

My story goes like this. I was searching Audiogon for some used Raidho speakers over the summer. I had seen a couple good deals that I just missed (my occupation keeps me from hovering on Audiogon and I tend to miss out). I came across an advertisement from the dealer Coda Audio Video ( Their feedback looked excellent on Audiogon, their website listed 3 California locations ( and even non-audiogon reviews were good as was their BBB rating, and they seemed to have a lot of social media presence and a high rating on their Facebook page.

I started the dialog regarding the above advertisement here on Audiogon; the speakers in the ad had sold. I ended up calling and speaking to a knowledgeable person about the speakers and I eventually settled on getting a pair of Raidho D 3.1’s. I offered a payment plan, we discussed maybe me trading some of my equipment toward the price but we eventually settled on and agreed to a specific price and a payment plan (all of it documented as an audiogon email discussion). During this discussion period, Items were still being advertised and sold by Coda and there even appeared to be ongoing positive feedback (it took a few weeks for me to agree, based mostly on my own process of gathering enough information to make a good decision for the speakers I wanted).

My proposal was a down-payment of just over 1/2 of our mutually agreed total cost followed by about 9 monthly installments. Everything seemed to be going smoothly and on the right path. As I have done in the past for other equipment on Audiogon without a problem, I wired the down-payment. Again, at this time, I had no reason think anything was amiss as communication was quite good. I also made the (faulty) assumption that these high ticket items must be represented by reliable and respected dealers.

My payment was deposited around the end of July. I was first told:
"Everything is in place. The D-3.1 are currently on back order and will be ready to ship to us at the end of august if all goes to plan with Raidho Acoustics...

Coda Audio Video"

Having no indication anything was amiss, I wired a second payment near the end of August and asked, " Can you do me a favor and send me an invoice? You can send it to my email (j**** so I can reference an invoice number when sending payments. I would much appreciate it" after which the following exchange took place:

August 25, 2016 20:44

Thanks John, I will email you the complete invoice once we have the serials numbers of the speakers!


August 25, 2016 20:45

The shipping date for the 3.1 looks like it will be shipped starting on September 5th. Just FYI

jgm (you)August 25, 2016 20:50

Thanks for the info Kelly, much appreciated.

August 25, 2016 20:52

You are very welcome. I will let you know once they are shipped out to us. Once we receive them, we will forward them to you.

Then, unfortunately, everything went awry. Silence followed until I inquired in mid September. Coda responded by asking if I was going to Rocky Mountain Audio festival since we could meet there but I could not go. I called and spoke to a Justin Hutto and was told "we’re working on this as we speak." After RMAF ended I contacted them again here on Audiogon asking for updates of if the speakers shipped, if they had serial numbers or an invoice...for which there was no response. I called again and was told "we’re working on your speakers." When I would check, it appeared that Coda was selling and still getting positive feedback here on Audiogon. I didn’t send any additional payment (although none was "due") and I messaged them again in Mid October but by that time, the Coda Audio Video name was no longer available on the email string at Audiogon (the name had changed to "Standardsound" which appeared to be engaged in commerce and having good feedback).

Below is how it went will all telephone conversations between myself and Mr. Justin Hutto (who describes himself on his Facebook page as the speaker salesman for Coda Audio Video):

jgm (you)October 19, 2016 15:18

I notice there’s been a name change from Coda Audio Video to standardsound but you appear to still be active here on Audiogon. Since I haven’t heard back I thought I would try calling. I called the number below (415-205-1053) but that lead me to a mailbox that was full and not taking any messages. I called Coda Audio Video’s direct number (415-966-2838) and left a message. I trust you are between audio shows and might be able to help me with where things stand. Your last comment below was a little vague (not sure what you meant by "working on things"). I have searched my email and don’t find any new update from Sept 22nd. Again, you initial thought was that they would ship to you on or about Sept 5th. Can you please provide an update with regard to the speakers? I was holding off and the next payment thinking that I might get an invoice with serial numbers as you mentioned previously. Appreciate your time.

Thanks, John

jgm (you)October 19, 2016 21:38

I called 415-205-1053 again this afternoon and now I get a message that this is a non-working number.

Thank you for calling me back just now [Justin Hutto]. Just to reiterate, you confirmed with me that I should be receiving an invoice and the speakers by the end of the month. I should expect tracking info in 7 days +/- obviously in order for that to happen.

I am sorry you have had a health issue. I hope it is resolving and that you are recovering. I am also sorry you have had some major company and personnel changes. Hopefully things will go smoother for you in the future.


John M

jgm (you)October 25, 2016 19:44

I realize it has only been 6 days - do you have an update?

Response:standardsoundOctober 26, 2016 00:17

Hello John,

Please contact Coda Audio Video at or 415-966-2838. Thank you

I called Mr. Hutto again and wrote the following to document the conversation:

jgm (you)October 28, 2016 22:05

"I called you yesterday afternoon and when you answered, you stated, "We’re working on it". You said you would call or text me later, you did not. I called and left a message on your voice mail last night about 6pm California time, requesting that you call me either that night or today. Still haven’t heard from you. I called the Newport Beach number: 949-432-4920 and got the message "not taking any calls".

As evident from this email exchange, you have been "working on it" for over 1 month. Initially, I was told they would ship to you on or about Sept 5. As I stated in my voice mail, I am growing weary of the vague responses - I have no idea what "working on it" means and you have not been clear.

I need clarity and some kind of definitive answer:
Where are my Raidho D3.1’s?

I am going to email Raidho direct and inquire about any orders placed by your company for the speakers I requested."

SO, after emailing Raidho direct, I confirmed that no speakers had been ordered or were on order by Coda Audio Video (despite the months of ongoing assurances that the speakers had been ordered, as of the end of October NOTHING had been ordered). The actual owner of Standardsound called me and informed me that Justin and "Coda" were locked out of Standardsound (which was now a separate business entity).

I searched for and found Kelly Tessmer, the legal business owner of Coda Audio Video in San Francisco. I have contacted her now twice and have received no response (and it was into her account that my money was deposited). I have had several bizarre interactions with Mr. Hutto. Despite all of this, I offered to work out an arrangement with Raidho where I would send the remainder of what I committed toward the purchase directly to Raidho if Coda/Justin/Kelly were willing to send the remainder, or, just give me a refund.

Of course, as of today, there is no evidence that a refund is in the works or that money has been sent to Raidho.

When I look closer at the review of Coda on facebook, it is by Justin Hutto (good thing he reviewed his own sham operation).

Obviously I should not have wired any money and I clearly will need to resort to legal action. I would NEVER due business with Mr. Justin Hutto or Ms. Kelly J Tessmer ever again and would recommend the same for my Audiophile brethren. It is such a shame. In all my years of being on Audiogon and buying/selling (I joined in 2001), despite a few transactions which were less then seemless, I have never been taken by a Dealer, much less a dealer with a long history of positive feedback on Audiogon...which makes me wonder about some of that feedback and it’s legitimacy.
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Mr. Hutto has disappeared from my standpoint. He is nothing more than a common thief. The plot is so thick it should be made into an Investigative Discovery episode.

I finally got Mr. Hutto to sign and notarize a promissory which detailed a payment plan where I would be paid back money I sent to Coda...hard to believe, he did not make a single payment.

Ms. Tessmer finally made contact with me. She seems to be making a good faith effort to refund my money. Of course this will take many months. I have proposed that she pay a one time ~4% "fee" since this money would in a brokerage account collecting on average ~ 6% if it were back in my pocket tomorrow (which it won't be). I felt this was fair and reasonable if I have to accept payments over 18-24 months. She states Mr. Hutto will never pay me back. I have yet to hear a response to my proposal. I would be curious to everyone's thoughts on my proposal of a one time "fee" (I consider this repayment plan to be the equivalent of an unsecured personal loan which she will be paying back.

Based upon what I read about small claims court and California law, as long as there is some effort to repay, small claims court would be deferred. And of course a Judgement wouldn't equal payment unless wages were garnished (not even certain if this can be invoked through small claims court).

I told her that as long as she is honest with me from this point going forward and makes a good faith effort to pay me back, I will accept some kind of payment plan. I received $500 at the end of November.

I did a lot of digging around. Amazing what you can find out if you work at it. Mr. Hutto carries a Tennessee DL. He has been arrested twice in San Francisco for domestic assault, one of those arrests occurring in October (so when he said he was hospitalized with health problems, he was actually in Jail. He has a restraining order against him which I can confirm he violated (he signed for a package addressed to Ms. Tessmer at her home while this restraining order was in effect).  Mr Hutto is due in San Francisco criminal court Jan 12, 2017 1:30pm (case 16013663 and case 16018029) for a  pretrial hearing. Plot thickens...

My best assessment of this entire mess: Mr Hutto desired to open the business (Coda Audio Video) which opened around March 2016. VCoda was opened by Ms. Tessmer for Mr. Hutto  to operate (due to his lack of credit, he had not the capitol to open said business). He was left to operate the business. Mr. Hutto then acted as himself and as Ms. Tessmer (assuming her identity in communicating with customers), this implicating her in his scam. The individual operating Standard Sound joined Coda (and brought his antecedent audiogon reputation into what became Coda Audio Video, lending street cred to Coda before it even existed). Around the second arrest of Mr. Hutto in October, the individual operating Standard Sound severed ties with Mr. Hutto and Coda, hence the name change here on audiogon.

Coda was, I am told, supposed to demo Radiho speakers at RMAF in October but obviously no showed to that event which hurt Raidho.

I remained in contact with Raidho all along from the time of my initial contact (confirming that my speakers were never ordered by Coda). Mutliple emails were exchanged between myself, Raidho and Justin Hutto.  I eventually worked out a deal with Raidho directly and have my D 3.1's but only $500 of my $17,500 back in my pocket. For the record, I am satisfied with how Raidho treated me. There is little they can do about Mr. Hutto. He never intended to obtain my product or return my money...I am certain he spent it either on his own attorney's fee or on expensive toys for himself. He is the lowest of low life crooks.

Apparently, consideration was made to report this entire thing to the FBI and Mr. Hutto blames everyone else in a way only a classless individual could.

I tell you, those speakers, even out of the box, are amazing. Fast as any panel I ever heard, great base, and tremendous clarity. The Acoustic Zen Crescendo's (which were replaced by the D 3.1's) were mighty fine speakers...the D 3.1's are just another level. It's hard to imagine how something so good can be improved upon. 

So I think Raidho got screwed, I got screwed, Dr. Franklin got screwed, Standard Sound got screwed, Ms. Tessmer, albeit partially to blame, also got screwed and many others through the acts of Justin Blake Hutto. Ms. Tessmer seems to be making an effort which will hopefully last. If it doesn't, I will keep you all posted. 



I'm pretty sure Judge Judy could figure this whole thing out n 15 minutes. It's worth a shot.

Can't squeeze milk from a turnip . My freind had his entire tool collection stolen 200k with tool boxes from new workplace ( employee inside job) they were caught he gets checks for like 100 bks and guys stay out of jail . Meanwhile op gets screwed!!