Coda Csib V1 Integrated amp

I recently decided to simplify my audio system. I had a Pass 250.8 and an XP-22. My goal was to pocket some cash and buy an integrated amp. I figured I would be taking a step backwards, but the move made sense from several different angles.

I stumbled into a fantastic deal locally and ended up taking a Coda Csib V1 in partial trade.

Its been a couple few weeks of enjoying the Coda and all I'll say is I'm stunned how good this integrated is.I have Harbeth 40.2 Anni's...and they have never sounded better. Incredible detail, great punch, which I thought Pass lacked a little.

I have always bought the obvious Audio companies, if for no other reason than for resale value. I took a leap of faith with Coda and I couldn't be happier.

I'm a big fan of Coda..very happy audiophile here.


Congrats on the CSib. Great amp that can drive and do justice to just about anything. I have had mine for something over 2 years now (also a V1) happily mated to a pair of Thiel CS 2.4. Neither the Coda nor the Thiels are going anywhere. Welcome to the club.

Evaluation of a single component is difficult since everything involves synergy and is system dependent. The Pass Labs components might not had synergy with Harbeth and or the cables being used.

Good point...and I was a 20 year Pass guy from an X 250-Int 60-250.8-XP-17

I'm a huge Pass fan...and to your point the Coda probably just matches up better with the big Harbeth's. Not a dig on Pass...but a two thumbs up on Coda.

However- When your going toe to toe or better with 20K of Pass electronics..thats pretty impressive.

@krelldog agree 100% - synergy is key!. Pairing the calm and warm(ish) sounding Pass electronics with Harbeths may not have been a match made in heaven. It’s a big win when you strike gold in system synergy and even a bigger win when you pocket some cash in the process.
Now the challenge is to not break this synergy with the next upgrade!