Coda Csib V1 Integrated amp

I recently decided to simplify my audio system. I had a Pass 250.8 and an XP-22. My goal was to pocket some cash and buy an integrated amp. I figured I would be taking a step backwards, but the move made sense from several different angles.

I stumbled into a fantastic deal locally and ended up taking a Coda Csib V1 in partial trade.

Its been a couple few weeks of enjoying the Coda and all I'll say is I'm stunned how good this integrated is.I have Harbeth 40.2 Anni's...and they have never sounded better. Incredible detail, great punch, which I thought Pass lacked a little.

I have always bought the obvious Audio companies, if for no other reason than for resale value. I took a leap of faith with Coda and I couldn't be happier.

I'm a big fan of Coda..very happy audiophile here.


Congratulations and well done. Looks to me that you are set for life!

The Coda S5.5 has become my endgame amp (when I need an external amp; not the case with my ATC SCM50ASLT actives in another room).

My CSIB does a nice job with the Persona 5f's. I just moved to a T + A Dac 200 and the Coda shines even brighter.  V1 also and 150 watts fill my 27x17x10 room with plenty to spare. Unless you are filling a ballroom or really, really tough speakers to drive there is no need to bias it any other way. Love those class A watts!!