Coda csx

Hello all I just got a decent (I think) deal from a dealer here, he offered a very new demo unit of coda csx for 3000$ anyone has ever heard of this amp and any opinion are welcomed
That’s a good deal. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Coda products. They don’t get much play here in the States, but that’s mainly because they don’t advertise here. They had some bad luck with less-than-ethical reviewers at some of the popular audio rags back in the day, and that soured them on the audio press. (However, 6 Moons did a pretty favorable review a while ago.) They’re very popular in Europe, though.

Basically, Coda products don’t possess a lot of the wow factor of many of their competitors—again, the review thing plays a role here—but the IMO company’s engineering prowess is among the best in the world. And the sound quality is fantastic, too. Each of their products compete with things costing many multiples of their asking price. I own the CSi-B integrated and S12.5 stereo amp, and couldn’t be happier. Both are highly neutral and very natural sounding. Nothing sticks out about them, but they’re world-class in every regard. They just make music. You stop worrying about whether they do this or that and just sit back and relax. That’s the sign of a great component.

The CSX you’re looking at puts out a LOT of power (330W into 8 Ohms, 660W into 4) and can drive pretty much any speaker on the planet. Its current delivery is nothing short of awesome, too. But Coda amps are about a lot more than brute power. They can do the finesse thing as well.

If it sounds like I’m a fanboy, maybe I am. I just think Coda makes some fantastic stuff—pretty reasonably priced and VERY high-performing. Yeah, you can spend a lot more and maybe get a little better here and there, but they can stand proudly among some pretty stiff competition.

Hope this helps!
"They don’t get much play here in the States, but that’s mainly because they don’t advertise here."

They have zero dealers in the US.

If you are buying from someone in the US that claims to be a dealer-you better check with Coda. They are in Sacramento, CA. and have a website.