Coiling XLRs.... yes or no?

I purchased some xlr’s that i was fond of a few months back. Shunyata sigmas

I was able to get them for a great price but unfortunetly they are 3m. I figured it was fine as it gives me flexibility in the future (such as going monoblocks), but for now my lumin x1 sits on a rack directly above my diablo 300 amp. Honestly with how close they are i could get away with 0.5m

So i have them susupended in the air but coiled. I’m reading that this is a big no-no but most of the stuff i have read is related to speaker cables.

what should i do in this situation? Is it so bad that I should consider selling my interconnects for shorter ones?

questforhifi, if I coil my ICs'...'trash' that they may be....

Gee. I wonder....

What ever happened to just putting on some music and listening???  If  YOU cannot hear a difference in the presentation then either you are not that sophisticated of a listener to hear the difference if any, or your equipment is not resolving enough to resolve the difference, if any. 

If you do not hear any difference then sit back and be happy that you got a great deal. 



Doesn't coiling increase the "antenna" effect, pulling in more RF and EMF noise? Too lazy to google...

xlr = balanced, the main advantage is they do not pick up whatever interference. So coiled up or near to mains lead would not make any difference at all. 

XLR wires carry differential signals. It will not matter that much if you coil the wire. Especially only 3m long. You will not even hear the difference one way or another.