Coincident Frankenstein 300b Stereo Amp

Anyone have any experience with this amp? If so, what speakers are you using it with? I have never had a 300b SET and would like to try one. I am even considering additional speakers if needed for those 8 watts. Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Frank stereo amplifier has out performed my Wavelength Cardinal XS mono blocks, VAC PA160, and Wyetech Topaz.  Simply stupid good - correction, GREAT.

The Wyetech had the superior leading edge of the note and overall dynamics - until I switched out my Gold Lion 300Bs for the PSVANE Acme 300B which are more lush in the midrange and more extended overall - with dynamics and stage to die for. A 20% improvement at minimum!

Set up with the right speakers, cables, room, and associated gear is essential (as always)

Good luck.





That is quite the compliment given that list of very distinguished tube amplifiers. I will say that if any amplifier can exploit the higher sonic potential of the upper tier 300b tube it’s the Frankenstein. This SET amplifier deserves the best quality tubes one can afford. It’s good to read the Frankenstein has worked out so well for you.


Hi Charles.

The Franks are exceptional amps....but the choice of speakers, Soliloquy 6.2 with its impedance curve is a perfect match - better than the match of the wavelengths for example.

Then speaker positioning, room tuning, trying out numerous power cables, interconnects, speaker cables, digital cables and of course tubes - the ACME's are great - and the TS brown base black glass are so musical and revealing!

I have spent much more - Wavelengths, Devore speakers, Elrod cabling - and have less organic, musicality because (I suspect) the sum of the parts were less complementary.








Your post yesterday really caught my attention. When I had decided to explore the world of SET amplifiers the Wavelength and Wyetech (Also Viva) were very much under serious consideration. I do not doubt for a moment that I would have been very happy with the other esteemed SET alternatives. But once I chose the Frankensteins there was no looking backwards. I truly relate to your joy.😊


@moofoo I received my Frankenstein 300B stereo several days ago and I have the option of using Klipsch Forte IV, JBL 4319, or the Zu Audio Union 6 Supreme. All three of those speakers sound very good with the very well-built and sounding Coincident Frankenstein 300B Stereo Amp.