Just purchased one of these beasts from Israel of Coincident (quite the gentleman).

I already have a few SET amps that buck the trend of little bass and dynamics that often get associated with S.E.T. amps.

The Frankie is a top notch power amplifier.  Not a good value.  Not a giant killer.  A true, top quality power amplifier period.

I swapped out the stock tubes and what happened next shocked me.  Of course the midrange is gorgeous,  But I did not expect the highs to sparkle and the bass to have definition, texture, and punch.  Sorry,  I intended to say PUNCH.

As always, speaker matching is a key and a stable 6 Ohm speaker will sound best - but these babies are the real deal.

BTW, they retail at around $2,500.

Disclaimer - I am not a Coincident dealer and have no affiliation with Coincident.  I am a NOS tube dealer.








👍 Congratulations!!!

With appropriately matched speakers you’ll have many years of superb music listening experiences to look forward to.


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I have been considering whether to get the new Coincident Frankenstein 300B stereo amp or a  used pair of older Coincident Frankenstein 300B  monoblocks.  Does anyone have an opinion on which ones would pair better with my vintage Altec Flamencos?  Also, would this be a significant upgrade over my current Bob Latino ST 120 amp powering the Flamencos?


I have no experience with new Coincident Frankenstein stereo chassis amplifier. Word of mouth feedback says it’s very,very good. I’m an extremely happy owner of the Frankenstein MK II mono blocks bought new in 2009. My amplifiers use the 6EM7 (Driver tube) and the 5U4G as the rectifier tube.

The stereo version uses the6LS7 as a driver and the 5AR4 as rectifier. I don’t know what accounts for the different tube selection. I know that the late Art Dudley simply loved his Altecs paired with Shindo and other good quality SET amplifiers. They will be a different sound compared with your 6550 tubed push -pull class A/B Bob Latino 60 watt amplifier.

I believe that the Frankenstein will provide you with excellent transparency, inner detail, tactile presence and superb tonality. 8 watts of pure class A single ended topology. Your speakers are 16 ohm load which is terrific! My speakers are 14 ohm. I went from 100 watt KT 88/6550 mono blocks to the Frankensteins and have not looked back (14 years). It just depends on what sonic characteristics are most valued by you.