Coincident IC and Speaker Cable

I have been using the IC for a few months and they are some of the best I have heard.SAme for the speaker wire.I tried it for the past week also very very good.Anyone else out there have any comments on these.
Hi Tm12. I use the speaker cable and a pair of IC from pre to amp. PC is also very good. No KC or FIM but better than some PCs i have at over 3 times the price. I talked about there wire in another thread. I own quattro fil and have been listening to Kimber select 1030,FMS nexus,MAC and Coincident ICs. I like the 1030 and Coincident best. I think the Coincident can be compared to wires costing several times more than there price. If your looking for warm and rich or dark this won't do it. I think it is a fairly truthful cable. Compare it to some of the big boys and it holds it's own. Good stuff.
I am not familiar with KC or FIM.Please elaborate.Truthful they are.thats what i like so much about them.
Tm12 - I believe Brulee was referring to King Cobra and FIM power cords. The Coincident is an outstanding cable - PC, interconnect, and speaker cable. Only the absolute best (and regrettably the most expensive) can offer anything better (or should I say different?). Anyway, be happy with the Coincident cables, they are truly exceptional regardless of price.
I am very pleased.Its nice to come to the point where i know i dont have to play with cables anymore. Thanks
Very pleased with the IC.I have tried many and only found some of Nirvana over 1000.00 to sound better.Very nuetral cable.Will not cover up or add anything to the music.If your source equipment has flaws it will reviel them.Good buy at 299.00 US 1M
Very good cables at a price that you can afford.One of the best IC in the market despite the cost.
The Coincident IC beats out my Wireworld Gold Eclipse, Straightwire Viruoso, JPS Superconductor 2, Cardas Golden Cross and several lesser others. A fantastic cable for someone on a smaller budget to stretch up to, and then keep through several upgrades in equipment, because of the low price.
I hope you guys are right! I have a set of CST speaker cables on the way and can't wait to hear them. I have heard via the grape-vine that Israel Blume has new, improved speaker cable coming out next year, to premiere at CES in Vegas. If any west guys attend, check 'em out and report back please.