Coincident Line Stage Mk II vs Audio Research ref 10

I would like to know if anyone has auditioned these two? I currently have an arc ref 6se which I like very much and have auditioned the ref 10 and found it glorious. I'm thinking of upgrading to it but the I read all the great stuff about the  Coincident Line Stage Mk II and it is a fraction of the cost and they say it sounds just as good or better.

I'd like to know if anyone has heard these two preamps in their system and would say the Coincident is just as good or better than the ref 10.

Thank you.


I should add that as good as the ref 6se is the ref 10 made the walls of my city apartment living room disappear and I was transported into a space where there was just the music held back by nothing.

The Coincident Statement line stage is simply superb sounding. I have not heard the highly regarded ARC REF-10 and have no idea how the two would sonically compare. I hope you can find the opportunity To actually hear the Coincident in your audio system and judge for yourself.


I have owned many tube preamps and I found Allnic is best sounding to my liking. A.R. to me is a little thin and CAT, NAT, Jadis, VAC etc better Audio Research.  I find In tube usage in gear, transformers are the key component. Better metal in transformers are the elements that change things and extend bandwidth among other things.  Audio Research also more maintenance and COST that I can’t justify compared to others I’ve owned.