Coincident Linestage vs CJ CT5 or Allnic L-3000

I currently own a Conrad Johnson CT5 but would like to upgrade and move to a preamp with XLR in/out. I have tested the Allnic L-3000 which I find very intersting, and I am also interested in the Coincident Statement linestage. Has anybody compared the Coincident to the CT5 or the Allnic?
Marco, congratulations on the CSLS!

I don't know if it inverts polarity in the signal path between its RCA inputs and its XLR output (the website says "in phase" but conceivably that could just apply to the path between XLR input and XLR output).

In any event, though, even if it is inverting polarity I don't see why interchanging + and - at one end of the speaker cables wouldn't correct for that (assuming it matters at all, which would be recording dependent).

Also, btw, a polarity reversal would be 180 degrees, not 90.

Enjoy! Regards,
-- Al
I've been obsessively reading about DHT preamps and just ran into this thread. It made me miss the "old" days of audiogon. An entire 6 page thread where people educate each other and cooperatively try and get the most beautiful music reproduction possible without fighting.

It still happens every once in a while, but sadly seems less frequent all the time...

Happy new year folks, I'm not optimistic, but do have my fingers crossed that somehow people will be better to one another in a post-covid world.
I'm also obsessed with dht and deciding on a new preamp. I am considering upgrading from arc ls26 to a csls.  Wondering if it is worth the upgrade.