coincident pure reference "extreme"

Has anyone had the chance to hear the new speaker from Coincident called the pure reference "extreme". There is a slight review of them in Arthur Salvatores site called High End Audio. They are suppose to be a step up from the pure reference. Very Curious to hear about these!!!!!!!
I purchased a pair of pure reference "extremes" in September and now have about 375 hrs on them. They are very immediate, and sound at this point amazing. I can't imagine ever changing speakers.It is hard wired from jack to crossover to driver with little to no internal wiring.Very 'pure'!
I did have an opportunity to hear the original pure ref. (a speaker I know very well) with the "extremes" in an a/b
test. The extreme improvement is subtle in some areas as intial transients,with focus being clearly improved.The music seems to jump from the speaker more.
You can see photos of the "extremes" as my system is posted
I purchased a pair this summer, and at 150 hours of listening time, have reached the half-way point on break-in. In my small shoebox listening room, they deliver spectacular resolution and soundstaging. I can't imagine every buying another pair of speakers.