Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII

Just acquired the latest iteration of the Dynamo 34SE.Looking to share opinions on tubing and cabling with fellow owners.
@markwatkiss you are successfully using KT77s?  The manual states not to use different tubes.  Where did you purchase your Tungsols?
Oh, and would you say that the input tubes would be the first to replace?  Thank you!
Actually the Genalex Golden Lion KT 77's were the preference of several audio reviewers.I have yet to acquire an EL 34 that surpasses the performance.I acquired the Tungsols from a private source.Personally I would upgrade the power tubes first followed by signal and then tube rectifier.
bump to hear what speakers people are using their Dynamo's with.  I've heard the Total Victory's, but not the Devore's or any of the Klipsch heritage speakers or other less common speakers.