Colibri Light Weight Gold on RS212D - wow

Just wanted to share.
Mounted Colibri LWG on RS212D today. Still can't find words (one excuse I have - I am not native English speaker:) to express the feelings, extremely full natural sound. I know they say one needs 4-12 grams eff mass arm, but I am using Ortofon LH-8000 headshell which helps in this direction a little bit I guess.
Just wonder if anybody could compare Colibri XGP with the LightWeightGold, what the impressions were (would be interested to know about the setup as well).
Dear Geoch, thank you for the response.
Mine is 0.28 mV, gold coils. I purchased it following Raul's advise and I can say I don't, even with my well under avg setup the little beast shows remarkable.
I yet have to listen for a few weeks, I need to find what sounds best with original Ortofon counterweight and headshells that I have at my disposal, I tried both Ortofon LH-8000 (wood, 8.5 gr) and LH-9000 (16.8 gr, carbon). The light one was the reflection of my reasoning to come up with the lightest arm possible. Though with the light headshell I have to position the counterweight almost touching the pivot.
I am going to try Colibri on Sumiko MDC800, I just need to rewire the arm, I am planning to put the C37 Finewire internal in there or even go to the pre-amp with that. My weight on the Sumiko is 'H' though which may be a little to heavy.
By the way if you don't mind - what arm did you use with Colibri? And what wiring in the arm?
To Gilles130 - didn't observe any mistracking yet, but yet need to find best VTA.
*Pluto 9A Prestige Titanium with 1.2m Clearaudio Sixsteam internal wiring & Eihmann Bullet RCA plugs.
*Pluto 7A with 1.2m Pluto Goldwire & Clearaudio (discontinued) MPC RCA plug (TT: Symphonic Line RG6)
*Pluto 5A with 1.2m Sixsteam & WBT Cu RCA (TT: Zarathustra S4)
*Saec WE-308SX (Zonotone Z-Shell 10 headshell) with 1.5m VDH MCS 1000M & WBT Next Gen Ag RCA (TT: Thorens TD 124 II)
*Technics EPA 100mkII with VDH MC Silver IT mkIII & WBT Ag (TT: Lenco L75)
*Reed 3Q with C37 Silver & WBT Ag (TTs: TD 124 II , L75)
*SME IV Clearudio Orange Silver cable (TT: Denon DP80)
*Goldmund T4 Clearudio Orange Silver cable (TT: Goldmund Studio)

*"MC One Plus" Current mode Pre-pre with Battery PSU & Telefunken branded - Siemens made CCa (Blue pointed heads) ("Siren Song" RIAA: RCA 12sl7/12sn7/Philco XXB) , (LINE PRE: DHT Hytron OOA monoblock)
*EAR "MC4" SUT ("Voyager" RIAA: half active-half passive with Telefunken ECC803S or Mullard CV492KE) , (LINE PRE: Philco 6J5G or Miniwatt L63 as current source - buffer with 1MOhm pot)

"MC One Plus"/"Siren Song": custom coaxial silver
"Siren Song"/"OOA" or "MC4"/"Voyager": VDH "The Cliff"
LINE/POWER: VDH "The Mountain"

POWER AMP is a DHT SET 11.7Watt : RCA 12SL7/6J5GW/TJ 4300B
SPEAKERS are Carfrae LBH with : Lowther PM6A Ticonal/ Seas Exotic T35
Thanks, Geoch, tubes part was very helpful since I am in the middle if deciding which ones to go with for CJ PV-12 pre-amp phono. So far I am planning on
RCA 5751 blackplate TRIPLE MICA
Mazda France 1964-1965 vintage 12AX7S
12AX7 Telefunken smooth plate, diamond mark

CV4003 / 12AU7WA Mullard boxplates

In for some fun I guess :)
Mazda does not worth the high asking price and I've found the TFK very plethoric, homogenizing the bass. All the NOS square or rectangular getter 12AX7 are first class. I have the RCA 7025, that is excellent but bettered by the SYLVANIA 5751 sqare getter of 50's (both 3-MICA black plates). Distantly better is the TESLA E83CC "Frame Grid"!!! (only the yellow printed! NOT the white!) and over the top of them stands the black long plate, angled square getter MULLARD CV492KE. Problem is that these two are really very rare & pricey (over $400/pair). Unfortunatelly I've missed the BRIMAR CV492 and the SIEMENS E83CC triple mica when they were still available.
Beware the -unusually cheap- offerings of SIEMENS (they are fraud RFT!) and don't bother about the fancy EAT ECC88 Diamond (they are ordinary cheap TESLA! with a cooler & gold plated pins).