Combinations that exceeded your expectations?

Putting the right equipment together is a real art--mixed with a good bit of dumb luck. Fortunately, experience sometimes does help get really stunning results by matching equipment from different manufacturers. I'd like to hear what equipment (like speaker/amp or interconnect/speaker cable or source/preamp) when paired together others found elevated their system to another level. Though entire systems are interesting, I'd prefer to narrow it to the juicyest equipment you've had the good fortune to pair up--and by all means name names.
BAT VK50SE preamp, BAT VKD5SE CD Player, Levinson 33H monoblocks, Aerial 10t speakers. All interconnect/speaker cable Transparent Ultra or better.

A salesman from a large NY store heard this in my room and said: "We've done $200,000 installations that do not sound this good".

I'm happy.
Running an Audio Aero Capitole cdp directly into Tenor 75 WI amps sans pre-amp.
Eminent Technology ETII with the Monster Alpha Genesis 2000 cartridge. Amazing synergy. Cartridge tracks beautifully in that arm, and it's refined leanness is a great complement to the ET's lushness. Amazing soundstage. $1000.00 used!!!!!