Coming out of the blackhole called work...retirement

Hello All

I have just retired and emerged from the mud of work that encompasses everything and acts light a blackhole for hobbies and enjoyment. Now that I am seeing some light I want to upgrade my 70's something stereo to something I can really enjoy. I read in a post from long ago about a preamplifier called a George Lightspeed. It was Australian, quality sound according to the posts and cheap. Is this something I want to consider or must I look at products in the thousands or 10's of? 

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You have a very good advantage, as you are building your home from scratch, if I understand correctly. Your room/treatments is the most important part of the system that you will be putting together (IMHO). It seems that you have some good $$ to spend, so deal with the room first. It’s the single most important issue that most of us have to had to "tame" with the conditions that we have with our existing rooms. You have the opportunity to get the room dealt with before the gear. After that, well, it’s all about your personal preferences sonically for the gear that you fill the room with. Good luck, and please keep us notified on your progress.

If you can, spend the weekend at AXPONA in Chicago (April 13-15 2018) before you buy anything. It will be the largest collection of hifi gear in North America (I think) and will enable you to hear many, many systems and figure out what sound you like and don't like. Before you part with $50K or $100K, buy an inexpensive ticket and hotel room and then immerse yourself in the magic AXPONA affords. I'm certain you will have a much better idea of what you are after once you hear lots of different systems.
Have fun.
A lot of good advice to think about. Do as much listening as you can.Trust your ears only! I was glad to see many suggestions on how to get good synergy.Which means so much.
     Many will suggest you get what brands and models they like or have.Or because they read a good review on.Take it with a grain of salt.Again ,trust Your ears . A  system that is a good fit for the room means a lot. Good luck and have fun! Ray

seriously stop reading about gear and fix the room dimensions and construction !