Commens on the McIntosh MR7083 AM-FM tuner

My local McIntosh retailer has a pre-owned McIntosh MR7083 AM-FM tuner for sale that I am considering. Does anyone have any listening experience or comments on this tuner? The McIntosh MR85 tuner is over my budget (if possible, I prefer to stay under $1,000) and, since my cd player (MCD205) and amplifier (MA6900) are McIntosh, I prefer to stay with McIntosh products. I also looked at the McIntosh MR77 and MR78 tuners but I am concerned about their age, possible maintenance costs and other repair costs. Should I be looking at other McIntosh tuner models (ie, modified MR74)? Your comments on recommended McIntosh FM tuner models are requested. Thanks..
I liked the 7083 sonicly. The 7084 would interface with your 6900 if remote control is important. Its sound is very good and should sell for $700-800. If remote doesn't matter, get the 7083. Good Luck.
some people consider the 7083 mcintosh's best solid state tuner ever (mr71 for tube) - especially for its bass.
Don't be afraid to buy any Mac Tuner. They all sound
good if fed with a good signal. The older ones are much
sexier, however.