Comments on Adcom GFA-5802 amp ??

Seem to be a lot of these on sale for pretty decent prices in the used market. Anyone have one, your comments would be appreciated, thanks.
Rgd- Buying new you are right, a no-brainer, but the 5802 seems to be readily available on the used market at a lot cheaper price than the Bryston. Still looking, but still heavily in favour of the 4B-ST. Thanks for the info.
Miked - the 5802 is a much nicer amp than the 5800 with a purported John Curl "touch". Ask in Audio Asylum where John hangs out at times.
Miked, I have the Adcom 5802 Amp with a Carver C4000 Preamp and Canton Ergo 81 speakers. Let me tell you, the Adcom 5802 blows away the old Adcom Amps like the 555 Amp. The 5802 Amp sounds very sweet with a touch of warmness. But here's the catch. I had mine modified by Stan Warren. Stan Warren used to be the S in P.S Audio. This guy is an amazing modifier. He modified my 5802 for 300 dollars. He took out the so so parts and put in top quality parts. After this mod, i have to tell you, this Amp sounds so great. The Amp as it is, is a great Amp. But after the Stan Warren mod, this Amp goes to a new level. You can talk to Stan. He will tell you about the mods he does to the 5802 Amp. His number is 541 344 3696 Stan is an amazing modifier of Dacs, CD Players, Amps, Preamps.
I also agree with Saturn99's comments, about modding the Adcom 5802. Stan's mods are absolutely state of the art for very reasonable prices. He is the best of the best in the audio mod business. A modified 5802 is very comparable in sound to amps costing three,four and five times as much!
I tried to contact stan warren at 541 344 3696 and it has been disconnected are there any other solution to getting in touch with this person to discuss the upgades.thank you .brett doerflinger