Comments on Jeff Rowland 301 monoblocks?

I've been a Krell guy for the past decade or so and a couple of years ago upgraded to the Evolution 600 monoblocks and the 202 preamp to drive Wilson MAXXs. The 600s have effortless power and the bass slam Krell is so well known for. Now I'm getting the itch to change. I've always admired Jeff Rowland gear. I'm looking for feedback on the 301 monoblocks or are there newer Rowland products coming out I should wait for? Did I hear that there may be 725 monoblocks coming from Rowland soon?
725 Monos are out. 28K. Much more natural and musical than Krell. Bass is very good!Hear it with a top tier pre. I suggest either Korus or Criterion from Rowland. I own the Criterion. Super nice pre. Also have the stereo 625. I need/want a bit more power,dynamics and low level detail so I'm awaiting the 725 Mono amps. I have a few respected ears I know who have heard them and say way way good.