Comments on Zesto Andros 1.2 & Sutherland MCX

Looking for feedback from those using one of these two phono preamps.  What were you using before the phono pre-amp you have now.  Right now I am auditioning an ARC PH5.

Zesto Andros would obliterate both of these in every category.....
Haven't heard that exact Sutherland, but have heard other battery powered sutherlands.....and have heard the PH5.....There are not any phono pres that I can think of that can touch the Zesto for the $$.  There is a dealer in Oklahoma that has the Zesto run with a VPI Avenger Ref.....and a Transfiguration Proteus and the artists are in the room.....
Absolutely love the Zesto Andros 1.2   Can't comment on the Sutherland though - never heard it in person. The Zesto is a refined, dynamic, detailed and very musical.  Combines the quietness and dynamics of solid stage with the sweetness of tubes.   

Not sure if finances enter the decision, but may have to sell my Andros due to recent unexpected medical expenses.  Feel free to message me if interested or want to talk more about the Zesto in general.  Best of luck.
Thanks for the responses.  This is helpful.

Fischer3966 - How old is the unit and what is the condition (8,9,10, etc).  Are you using a low output MC cartridge?