Compact ~20WPC Tube Amp

I should say 20WPC or more....

I’ve been trying to use a 8WPC 300B SET (Sun Audio) with some vintage bass reflex studio monitors from the 70s (96dB) and it’s clear that I need a bit more power. Everything sounds really awesome but the highs will distort at anything beyond low-medium volume which has been fine but I want to play a little louder sometimes!

Space is limited so I need a stereo amp or maybe small monos are possible.


I know they are mono blocks, but wow!  Ran these for years and they are wonderful and quite small.  Used would be about 4K.


+1 Will Vincent. Good value for money, and nice industrial design. His piece powers nicely a relatively insensitive set of Harbeths (albeit I’m not listening to rock @ 90 db). Even if I change tube amps, I will keep his, just to look at - it’s nice to own something made by an actual person in this day and age (if you go that route, I’d ask him to put an LED in the bias meter for cosmetic purposes). I have worked with Aric but he is next on my list

Good luck! 



@charles1dad   The best amp I've ever heard uses 6sn7 to drive 6c33c.  I just picked up an amp to play with, partly because it uses 6sn7 to drive many choices of power tubes.  I'm eager to experiment with it.


The best amp I've ever heard uses 6sn7 to drive 6c33c.  

I believe you. The 6SN7 is a renowned tube. As with anything the key factor is application,design and implementation. I understand there are many roads that lead you to Rome.Inevitably different builders will use various approaches.