Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k

Hello All, 

I'm continuing to build up my first HiFi system and am in need of some advice for my next speakers.  My current system is as follows: 

  • Belles Aria Integrated Amp
  • ClearAudio Concept w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm
  • Nagaoka MP500 cartridge 
  • Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage
  • B&W 705 stand mount (the original series circa ~2004)

Generally, I'm very happy with my setup, however I do sometimes find it a bit bright   & fatiguing after longer listening sessions.  I believe the speakers may be the cause so I'm looking for recommendations based on my current system. 

I'd like to find a neutral speaker that's non-fatiguing and hopefully a bit more full range.  So I've been considering changing to floor-standing speakers to maybe get a bit more bass.  However, size and space are of concern so would like something reasonably compact.   I listen mainly to jazz, blues, folk and some classic rock.  Really love good vocals so would like a smooth midrange.  

My budget is $4k max (new or used is okay)

I'm early in my search but so far have been looking at Spendor A7's or Proac D20's. 

Unfortunately, where I live I don't have any nearby dealers or places to demo so will have to be purchased without an audition and hopefully have a good result. I know this isn't ideal, but it's unavoidable. 

Appreciate any recommendations...thanks! 


Recently, I was able to buy a pair of used Focal Kanta 1 with the stands for $4k.  Great deal, matches great with my REL T5/x, amazing sound and absolutely zero brightness or fatigue.  

#1 fix for bright speakers is to pair it with an appropriate tube amp. It will elevate both components to another level. 

If you want a compact speaker that's more full range and of very high quality, the Philharmonic BMR bookies should be on your very short list.

It's $1,900 for some very high quality components, Raal tweeter. The crossovers are supposedly sophisticated but I know absolutely about that short of things. It's just something I repeatedly hear.

I have to clarify that I own the BMR towers and while very good and technically marvelous and a good recommendation to most people, whether it be the bookies or the towers. I just like the Goldenear BRX bookies that I had quite a bit more.

The Goldenear just has that special sauce. It's ridiculous open-window transparency is addicting. I paired it with a tube amp, matched extremely well and the sound was special. Insane details and transparency with 0 nastiness.