Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k

Hello All, 

I'm continuing to build up my first HiFi system and am in need of some advice for my next speakers.  My current system is as follows: 

  • Belles Aria Integrated Amp
  • ClearAudio Concept w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm
  • Nagaoka MP500 cartridge 
  • Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage
  • B&W 705 stand mount (the original series circa ~2004)

Generally, I'm very happy with my setup, however I do sometimes find it a bit bright   & fatiguing after longer listening sessions.  I believe the speakers may be the cause so I'm looking for recommendations based on my current system. 

I'd like to find a neutral speaker that's non-fatiguing and hopefully a bit more full range.  So I've been considering changing to floor-standing speakers to maybe get a bit more bass.  However, size and space are of concern so would like something reasonably compact.   I listen mainly to jazz, blues, folk and some classic rock.  Really love good vocals so would like a smooth midrange.  

My budget is $4k max (new or used is okay)

I'm early in my search but so far have been looking at Spendor A7's or Proac D20's. 

Unfortunately, where I live I don't have any nearby dealers or places to demo so will have to be purchased without an audition and hopefully have a good result. I know this isn't ideal, but it's unavoidable. 

Appreciate any recommendations...thanks! 


#1 fix for bright speakers is to pair it with an appropriate tube amp. It will elevate both components to another level. 

If you want a compact speaker that's more full range and of very high quality, the Philharmonic BMR bookies should be on your very short list.

It's $1,900 for some very high quality components, Raal tweeter. The crossovers are supposedly sophisticated but I know absolutely about that short of things. It's just something I repeatedly hear.

I have to clarify that I own the BMR towers and while very good and technically marvelous and a good recommendation to most people, whether it be the bookies or the towers. I just like the Goldenear BRX bookies that I had quite a bit more.

The Goldenear just has that special sauce. It's ridiculous open-window transparency is addicting. I paired it with a tube amp, matched extremely well and the sound was special. Insane details and transparency with 0 nastiness. 

You might also look at Verity Audio.  Finn model would fit your requirements if you can find one.  Small footprint tower with great SQ, including crisp bass.  After 30 years with Klipsch Forte II I went to audition the Forte IV and stumbled on Verity and found it suited my listening preferences, which are similar to the ones you listed.  Good luck on you Journey !