Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k

Hello All, 

I'm continuing to build up my first HiFi system and am in need of some advice for my next speakers.  My current system is as follows: 

  • Belles Aria Integrated Amp
  • ClearAudio Concept w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm
  • Nagaoka MP500 cartridge 
  • Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage
  • B&W 705 stand mount (the original series circa ~2004)

Generally, I'm very happy with my setup, however I do sometimes find it a bit bright   & fatiguing after longer listening sessions.  I believe the speakers may be the cause so I'm looking for recommendations based on my current system. 

I'd like to find a neutral speaker that's non-fatiguing and hopefully a bit more full range.  So I've been considering changing to floor-standing speakers to maybe get a bit more bass.  However, size and space are of concern so would like something reasonably compact.   I listen mainly to jazz, blues, folk and some classic rock.  Really love good vocals so would like a smooth midrange.  

My budget is $4k max (new or used is okay)

I'm early in my search but so far have been looking at Spendor A7's or Proac D20's. 

Unfortunately, where I live I don't have any nearby dealers or places to demo so will have to be purchased without an audition and hopefully have a good result. I know this isn't ideal, but it's unavoidable. 

Appreciate any recommendations...thanks! 


compact floor-standing is kind of an a oxymoron.

Only Boenicke and Totem have those that are worth looking at in the category.

Zu’s new DWX Supreme mod should do it and save you money for some other tweaks perhaps…like more musical interconnects or speaker cables etc..

@dsjs4 , This is an extremely common problem. Most point source systems have to one degree or another. They are blasting high frequencies throughout the room creating a lot of sibilance.  The most likely problem is your room. Many people totally ignore room acoustics. You probably need more sound absorption at the first reflection locations, front and side walls, ceiling and floor.  I use 4" acoustic foam tiles which are dirt cheap. 

You mentioned JM Reynaud.  I have the Bliss Silvers, which are 2 way standmounts, and the Cantibile Jubilees, which are small floorstanders.  The Cantibiles have greater dynamics and stronger bass.  Both can be driven by SS or tubed amps, and I find the sound non-fatiguing, very smooth, and intensely musical.  I sometimes run them with Belles Mps and enjoy the combination very much.