Comparable quality integrated Amplifier.

Hey everyone,
I've got a 20 year old NAD-317 integrated amp which needs replacing, (still useable, but probably not worth throwing much money into).  I would like to replace it with something comparable or a slight upgrade as I have been pretty happy with the sound.  Any suggestions to a few Integrateds I might look at. Haven't been paying much attention to the audio market for the last 15 years.    I have a Cambridge Audio AZUR 640C CD player and for speakers the Paradigm Ref. Studio 80's and a 12" PhaseTechnology sub.  I occasionally use a Technics turntable and seperate phono pre-amp so that is not a feature I need on an amp. Sometimes use the musical Fidelity X10-D Buffer. 
     Thanks for any suggestions. I know there is a lot of good gear out there that sounds way better then the NAD, but I would like to stay under a grand if I can.
Look into Vincent Audio (Audio Advisor is a dealer). They produce a tube/solid state hybrid that retails at $1000. Might be discounted.

If you are open to pre-owned gear, the Musical Fidelity A-308 gets my vote. I bought one a couple of months ago and have used it in two different systems, one with Vandersteen 3As and the other with PSB Stratus Silvers. It sounds excellent with both...great dynamics, clarity and punch. The build quality is amazing - solid as a rock. Although it's rated at 150 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, it sounds more powerful to me. Seems to have a ton of headroom.
Take a look at the Rogue Audio Sphinx v2. It includes a 12au7 tubed line stage. You should be able to find a v2 in your price range. I like the Vincent Audio suggestion as well.