Compare Large Advent?

I was wondering how the timeless Large Advent compare to some of the modern speakers?
I looked to find the sensitivity for these speakers but could not find the spec,anyone know what it is?
Does anyone else remember the short period during which Advent offered the "powered Advent Large Speaker?" I never heard them nor talked to anyone who had heard them, but I enjoyed my large advents. I played them with, alternately a Marantz 1060 and then an Advent 300. But the best sound I ever got out of them were when I used the 300 as a preamp and hooked up a monster mono guitar amp, just to see what they would do. Sounded great with the increased power. They like power.
The story I recall was that Henry Kloss became interested in video and was developing one of the first home-based front projection systems. He needed development money so drew on his design experience from AR and KLH and introduced the Large Advent. Due to the success of his Advent speakers, he is remembered for those to a much greater extent than his Kloss video system.

I bought a new pair of Large Advents in 1970 and by '73 had stacked Advents. My HK Citation 12 amp was not powerful and didn't like the impedance load so that was cured by building a Dyna 400 kit. I kept that system until about '80 and it was one of the best I've owned.
A friend has a mint pair of powered Large Advents for sale if anyone here is interested; work perfectly
Just wanted to say that I owned a pair of Large Advents and I drove them with a Marantz 1230. I had a thorens TD150 turntable and the sound was so incredible. I never heard better until I heard ADS. The only weakness in the Advents was the tweeter.. The bass kicked ASS