Compare: Modwright LS 36.5 & Audio Research LS26

I'd appreciate opinions from anyone who has experience with these line stages. OK any comparisons including the Modwright and Ref 3 are also welcome.

Amps: Audio Research VM220 Mono Blocs (the Mono version of the VS110)
Wison Audio Sophias. Music: Classic Rock, Singer Songwriter, Classical, Small ensemble chamber, LOTS of vocals.

Recreation of stage & space, tube glow and midrange warmth and vocal realism, and rhythmic integrity top priorities. 80% vinyl, 20% digital.

Thanks for your assistance.

Thanks, Dan. Regarding item #3 above, why would it limit the bandwidth if you do attention at the input?

Thanks for your explanation. I appreciate your response. I also want to share how your phono stage has increased my musical enjoyment. A masterful design.
Jax2, Thanx as I was reading along and was wondering how the Shill Plug for RWA came into play in this discussion? Good detective work on your part, and for out'g Jwarmbrand, as it was just Too Funny seeing all 14 of his tread posts being nothing but Shills! LOL
...Good detective work on your part,...

I honestly was not intending to be Columbo or anything like that. If I don't know where someone is coming from when they make claims or recommendations here I routinely take a quick peak at things they've said in the past to get some sense of where they're coming from, what their preferences are, what kind of music they listen to, etc. There are so many different varieties and flavors of preferences here and I do believe (contrary to some) that all of this stuff is entirely subjective. There is no 'right' answer, or 'best' component/system. The only thing most of us know about each other are these words on a screen. I'm not convinced as to whether or not Jwarmbrand is a shill or not, but he certainly could be Vinnie's poster boy. Whether he is or not really doesn't matter one wit to me. Based on his record of posts here I'm left with no idea where he's coming from, nor what his experience is beyond the glory of RWA and various word of mouth testimonies from so many friends who also happen to prefer RWA over the various components they've compared it to. To me this just strikes as rhetoric and I am left with no sense of who this poster is or where he's coming from (shill or not). If he does have no interest, beyond saving all of us from the mediocrity of products not conceived and built by RWA, I guess my suggestion would be that he share more of himself and his experience than does the myopic posts he's thus far made here. In doing so he might paint a clearer picture of where he's coming from and give others a sense of perspective. Some may take him more seriously with that to go on. As it is he just occurs to me, at best, like a skipping record. Just my opinion...
I can tell you with the 6h30 tube the DR is a little better but not worth $150 for 1 tube.A stock tube is only$30.
I can tell you I bought my from Cryoset after their deep cycle it is not far off to the DR at 1/5th the cost and
a very balanced character.