Compare sound of McIntosh C37 and C15

Has anyone owned these two items, and can compare the sound differences, if any? I realize there are function differences, but I'm more interested in their sound.
I am now in a position to answer my own thread. I had a C37 for 4 years, but like many of us, got the itch to try surround sound in my audio room, a Yamaha DSP-A1, which has a good track record in sound.So I sold the C37. Not being totally satisfied, I missed the C37, but couldn't find another one.(Luckily, I kept in touch with the buyer of my C37 and was actually able to re-purchase it at my original selling price one year later). Meanwhile, I purchased a brand new old stock C15. Here's my observations comparing the two:
First off, while the C37 has many features not found on the C15, such as 5-band eq, balanced ouputs, a/c power connections, etc., the remote operation on the unit is much nicer on the C15. The C15 itself is a quiet delight in design layout. No noisy remote control here! I didn't like just 2 audio outputs via the spkr 1 & 2 connections. The C37 has balanced & unbalanced outs which can be used simultaneously, as well as the spkr 1 & 2 outputs.
As to the sound differences, what I found was the C37 is smoother in sound, very well balanced, not shrill, and a unit you can listen to for hours on end and enjoy it. The C15 seemed brighter to me, and even edgy on some music. I used the Beethoven 9 Symphonies with Herbert Von Karajan conducting the Berlin Philharmonic, an SACD recording done in 1963. The sound was fantastic! The main difference I detected between the two was that the C15 was brighter in sound, and I didn't feel like listening to more than one cd at a time without feeling edgy. Not so with the C37, where I could listen to several cd's at a time and just feel relaxed. They are both nice units, but my vote goes back to the C37. However, I still hate the operation of the remote control on the C37. Mac had obviously not perfected how to do remote controls at that time. The Japanese have it on us here!
After comparing the two, and weighing in on the differences, my vote still goes to the C37!
In the future, I intend to listen to a C42! I can hardly wait!