Compare the new Beatles vinyl to early pressings

My stark opinion is the new vinyl is balanced and has the timber of each musical voice polished painstakingly, but the life is sucked out. The old vinyl has way more emotional and meaningful content. When I listen side by side I "get it" regarding the artist's intent way better on the old versions.

The new vinyl was cut using the original 24-bit remasters. I guess now that it's so easy to compare I'm all for keeping the process analog.
Fremer is going LP by LP over at Analog Planet. He has liked some of the LPs, was pretty disappointed in others. Elizabeth's review is among the most positive I have seen of these records.
I bought Magical Mystery Tour because it was the only one that was not included in my recent (incredible) find of the Dutch Blue Box of 1978. I conclude that these reissues may need to played in a bit. After the fourth play on either side the ambience has begun to open up and the highs are now more airy. I also cleaned it a couple of times (VPI16.5/MoFi Super wash) and there must be excess stamper release compound that was used in my pressing, simply because every time I clean it and play it, it seems to improve.

Anyone else experience this?
I think these sound surprisingly good for what they are but nowhere near as good as a clean Blue Box. Quality control is also substandard.

both the Blue Box and 1st Japan pressings are going to be tough to beat!
I listened to Revolver and copared it to my original US and MFSL. The reissue was nice and quite, and had great dynamics. The insruments were better focused, but it seemed the bass response was far lower than my original on Taxman. On my original and MFSL, Taxman has great bass response-Paul's bass pumping. But the reissue its nearly gone. Other than that, I liked the reissue better in nearly everyway.