Comparing Aurender N20 vs eversolo dmp A8

 I replaced eversolo dmp A8 with aurender N20 for digital streaming over qobuz. I compared them playing through native apps. Both feed into Holo may nos Dac over a USB curious cable. Ethernet cable connected over etherregen. Stock power cables feeding from a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Signal going through Luxman amp, 805D4. Luxman is doing pre-amp volume control. Both streamers are broken in.


Result - I am shocked to see that 1/6th price, eversolo is actually sounding better overall. N20 takes control with vocals, however the body of music/instruments is leaner. Not sure why I am seeing this disconnect between powerful vocals and lean acoustics. 


I got n20 used, and hence my assumption on it being broken in. Not sure if I am missing something here.. need help from fellow audiogoners..


IME everything in a digital source chain right up to the DAC is important, cables too. Also the differences between an N20 and A8 will become more appreciable the more high-end all the rest of the system components are.

That being said I think for most folks in most systems an A8 is all that is needed, a great product at an even better price.

I have a Lumin P1/L2 combo and the fiber optic connection has been a big sonic upgrade, so back to cabling, major sonic upgrades can be had without buying new components.

The DMP-A8 truly is amazing for the money. I preferred it's analog outputs to the Octo 8 Stereo DAC (Stereophile Class A) but I prefer the PS Audio Perfect Wave Direct Stream to either. It just sounds more dynamic and real. I use the I2S out from the A8 to the DAC.

I already stream from Roon through the DMP-A8 and it works just fine. I guess maybe what you get when it becomes "Roon Ready" is album art and track info on the front screen. Idk.

The only streamer I would possibly trade the A8 for would be the HifiRose RS130.


@lalitk is a great resource of all things audio, especially cabling. @blisshifi is another great resource.  My profile has my setup for power and AES between Holo May DAC KTE and the N20.  I preferred AES over USB.  I like my results, but I don’t have the expertise of those mentioned above.  I’m currently on battery through Shunyata conditioner and cables plus a bit of help from Synergistic Research.  I’ve spent much more on power than my streamer and DAC combined.


Thanks for the kind words. Clean power (along with room acoustics) should be foremost priority for assembling a good sounding system. Once you have addressed the power and room acoustics, rest of the system is pretty much a moving target…you can gradually add/upgrade rest of the components. 

@lalitk is a great resource of all things audio, especially cabling.

I second that! His advice is based on actual experience and a ton of research.