Comparing Legacy Focus snd PS Audio FR20

Thinking about upgrading my speakers and so far the two models at the top of my list are FR20 from PS Audio and Legacy Audio Focus SE. Monitor Audio Platinum 300 3G also though it’s a bit out of my targeted price point. Haven’t had a chance to audition any of them but hope to at Axpona in April. Just wondering how people feel about both speakers and how they compare. Neither available for listening near me … any insights appreciated. Thanks


Thanks much for the insights… looking forward to hearing both, tho FR20s are just outside my upper limit (isn’t that often the case?). BTW, my mistake not listing my amp. It’s a 24-yr-old Plinius 8200 integrated rated 175 WPC into 8 ohms, 250 WPC into 4 ohms, frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz… I’m not too good with specs but does that help in the comparison?

On the have plenty of power for either speaker but the Legacy you will be listening to at much less that 1 wpc.  So make sure your amp performs well at less than 1 watt.

I've never heard the FR20, although I'm a big PS Audio fan ( I have their Directstream DAC,  M700 monoblocks,  and the new Stellar Gold Preamp. ) I would love to hear their new speaker line if I get the chance.  I do have a pair of Legacy Audio Signature SE , the "little brother" of the Focus SE. I  would have bought the Focus,  but the WAF  factor kicked in.  Legacy claims that the Signature has 90 percent of the performance of the Focus.  The  big advantage,  imo, of the Legacy is the dual AMT. Tons of detail,  great high end extension,  but never harsh or brittle.  I listen to a lot of classical music,  so those qualities are important.  High string instruments sound very natural,  never grating or screechy. As to the bass, after break in, I ended up turning off my subwoofer. The Signature has plenty of low end; although I had more bass with the sub, bass was tighter, better focused,  more natural without the sub.  As the Focus dual woofers are 2 inches larger,  I would expect it to be even better. Soundstage and imaging are my hot buttons,  and the Legacy has both in spades. And the cabinet and finish  ( I opted for the Pearl Black high gloss) is superb. 

I seriously doubt the FR20 can do anything better than the Focus SEs.  Except appeal to the wife, maybe?  But if that were the case, I'd be getting a new wife.