Comparing streamer/DACs between $5-10k

I’m looking for a DAC/Streamer single unit, willing to spend up to $7-8k & not opposed to something like a recent model/demo/open box unit.  The only streamer/DAC experience I’ve had so far with my gear connected is with an Aurender A200 on demo from a dealer. Said dealer says it’s the “benchmark” at this general price point.  IDK,  It sounds great, but what would I likely hear differently with the following units?

-Meitner MA3

-HiFi Rose 150b

-Lumin T3 or P1



I’ve looked into most of your suggestions and have the following incoming:

HiFi Rose 250A(preowned) for streaming connected via Cardas high speed clear USB to a Denafrips venus2 12th(new).

Fingers crossed.  I tried to pick units that were highly reviewed professionally and also had largely positive forum discussions.  Denafrips def met this standard.  This combo will set me back around $5k, which is also appealing. 

Just found a video of a reviewer talking about his Rose vs. Antipodes K22 FWIW

(Yes, not fair as the K22 is quite a bit more, I know) 

He rambles on quite a bit, so skip to about 14min in if you just want the Rose comparison



I’ve been enjoying the Rose 250A for a few days now.  The rose app is really fantastic-maybe better than Aurender, & the sonics are about the same as the A200 that I home auditioned a couple weeks ago.  Now I am eagerly anticipating connecting my Venus 2 via Cardas high speed USB when that part of the kit arrives.  I will report back, but at this stage of my equipment investiture I am very pleased!

The Cardas high speed USB should be a nice improvement over what is packaged with the streamer.  Also keep in mind that both the cable and Venus need to break/settle in for a few hundred hours until you’re listening at full resolution.  Be patient. It kind of sneaks up on you.  One day you’ll be listening and realize, damn this really sounds good 😀

I had the hi rose 130 transport snd sold it after a week. In my system it had no life and no jump factor. I was very disappointed. I thought the Eversolo A8  was better.

I finally happened to get a deal on a aurender N200 and the foot tapping came back. The N200 was just so natural sounding. Everything just sounded correct. I only do local streaming from internal ssd. The n200 connected to my Pass 250 and Holo May KTE is just magic . I also use a Cardas hi speed usb cable. They do take a minute to break in.