compatability confusion for newbie, yamaha ca-1010

i am setting up a new system, purchased mint ca-1010, rated at 90 watts into 8 ohms, almost double into four etc. i am looking at powering paradigm titans 8 ohms 80 watts, and a passive svs sub 4 ohms 350 watts with it. it has a coupling switch on the back. on or off. i don't understand ohms. is there a swtch or something that determines what the amp puts out4 or 8 or is it the speakers themsevles that determine what they need and take it? will this setup work?
I don't know too much about these things, but you normally wouldn't need a switch for one pair of speakers...the amp reacts to the load.

I think your amp is fine with the pair of Paradigms, but I don't think it's enough to power the passive sub along with them. You will probably need a seperate amp to power it (or at least I'm fairly sure you will. Maybe someone else knows more??), or buy a powered sub.
The amp will produce80 watts into an 8 ohm load and nearly double into a 4 ohm load. The Titans are capable of handling 90 watts and suppossedly present an 8 ohm load. The extra power will not create a problem. More likely to blow a tweeter from an amp that is pushed too hard (into clipping) than from overdriving the speaker. You would need an active crossover and another amp to drive a passive subwoofer. .
ahhh! I am now begining to understand. the speaker determines the load(ohms) and the amp provides it(if it can) nd a sub needs separate power(usually) that has a cross over to set the sub to begin where the speaker ends. more power(clean)(not extreme) the better than less. speakers can(generally) handle it. how my doin' so far? this ap actually has crossover settings, subsonic, treble and bass, i think. thank you all. my fiancee will LOVE the smoke free house. (from amps and speakers frying)
Yes, exactly. I had a powered sub that also acted as the crossover, so the signal went from speakers. You can also check on the active sub w/crossover option if the seperate amp & crossover gets too price for the passive sub.
The 'crossover settings' you refer to relate to the tone controls and not to the separation of signals into bass (sub) and main speakers. You need a separate crossover for that.
HI i own a mint yamaha ca1010 amp. it gave me much listing pleasure for many years untill i brought a rotel pre-amp and a RB991 power amp...
in comparison the yamaha is like listerning in mono ! it has no image what so ever ! What i came to realise is its mostly the preamplifier stage that is the weakest link, there's such a long signal path and so many switches im supprised the signal gets to the power amp at all....
Used with the rotel preamp the power amp stage is quite good though.... :-)Still have the amp in a 70's system in the bedroom which is ok, but not serious listerning...
The Yamaha will actually do 90 + 90 watt rms 20hz-20,000khz at 9 ohms

and 120 + 120 watts rms at 4 ohms

it only does 140 + 140 watt rms at 1000hz at 4 ohms.