Competitive class D amp suggestions

I have been Class D fun since a few years ago when i bought my first class D amp. I like the concept, in general, and all the attractive features of this class of amplifiers. I tried 4 different ones, currently i  stayed with one of them that i consider to be the best among all four amps. I do enjoy and like it. At the same time,  my 5 watts SET amplifier (with more than 100 times higher distortion according to the specs) gives more natural and (surprisingly) notably cleaner sound (THD of the class D amp is 0.001). The soundstage  of the class D amp is not so bad but that of the tube one is still better.   

I remain attracted by class D amps though. 

Any fresh suggestions on reasonably priced class D amps (i mean excluding  non-reasonably priced class D amps, e.g., Merrill amplifiers)?

Any comments on non-reasonably priced class D amps are also welcome (so far i was not able to audition many class D amps and am curious if there are some which could really compete with Class A). 


Thanks everybody for your comments and passion to class D amps, a challenging alternative way of sound reproduction. 

Analyzing your suggestions, if i am not mistaken, Jeff Rowland Model 125 is ICE Powered. Since I already had an ICE Powered amp, this might not be an attractive option for  me (given that this amp not cheap, perhaps just good-looking). 

Peachtree GAN 400 can be an interesting choice. I have emailed them a few days ago, did not get an answer (not a nice way to "answer" questions). Then i called them. They say that  they do not ship outside US or something similar (a bit inflexible answer, i would say). Orchard Audio GaN mono blocks is an alternative  (also less expensive) option . I just emailed them. 

As to Rogue Hydra and Dragon amps, Hydra's power would be fine for me unless Dragon sounds different. Somebody mentioned AGD Audion monoblocks. Both, Rogue and ADG are hybrid, AGD is about twice more expensive and twice or more times lighter, do they sound better? 

Honestly, I am not too convinced with an idea to combine tubes with SS in one unit. If I want tubes, I go and listen to my tube amps. 

My homework turns out to be not easy -  I may end up with buying nothing.  

Anyways, your further inputs and highly appreciated!

Anyone compare the new Atmasphere class d amps to any other class d? I know it's new but my dealer says Atmasphere is working on their 3rd run of these amps. Atmasphere claims the distortion is a LOT lower than even their OTL amps.

@niodari the AGD amps are not hybrids, they are Class D using GaN devices for output packaged in a "tube". Check them out on there website.


Then it seems that i have no clear idea on what the "hybrid" actually means and how it is implemented. How GaN output is "packed with tubes", just for an additional flavor or for an additional power? Which architecture is "preferable", hybrid or this one? I have no idea how AGD amplifiers sound, but in general i prefer as less flavor as possible. 

Atmasphere class d amps can also be interesting. I did not find them on the site and have no idea on preferences made in their design. Neither i know if there are already completed models. Can Ralph provide  more detail? 

@niodari the Atmasphere amps are listed on their website here

They are completed and from what my dealer has said there are already 2 runs that have been shipped. Although there are very few who have talked about their experience with them. Maybe they are to busy listening 🎶