Competitive class D amp suggestions

I have been Class D fun since a few years ago when i bought my first class D amp. I like the concept, in general, and all the attractive features of this class of amplifiers. I tried 4 different ones, currently i  stayed with one of them that i consider to be the best among all four amps. I do enjoy and like it. At the same time,  my 5 watts SET amplifier (with more than 100 times higher distortion according to the specs) gives more natural and (surprisingly) notably cleaner sound (THD of the class D amp is 0.001). The soundstage  of the class D amp is not so bad but that of the tube one is still better.   

I remain attracted by class D amps though. 

Any fresh suggestions on reasonably priced class D amps (i mean excluding  non-reasonably priced class D amps, e.g., Merrill amplifiers)?

Any comments on non-reasonably priced class D amps are also welcome (so far i was not able to audition many class D amps and am curious if there are some which could really compete with Class A). 


Just an update on my earlier post on my LSA Voyager GAN 350 map. Mr. Walter from Underwood hifi was so kind to replace it with another new one. So far the new one works without showing similar problems. Walter has also recommend an SPL Elector SS preamplifier, which I think is a good match, it compensates a bit a lack of the body and "inanimateness" in the sound reproduction of the Voyager. 

I’m very fond of the heavily modded Trends TA10.1 I use in my main system. With a nice linear power supply, it sounds marvelous driving the 500 to 20KHz range in my trip-amped, very high sensitivity system. If you don’t need much power, that TA2024 chip has something magical, somewhat closer to SET sound than the vast majority of other class D amps. Swap a few passive components inside, by-pass the volume control (there's a switch inside on the pcb), use it with a nice preamp and feed it some clean 12V, it really is lovely.

I have zero experience with the higher end, more modern offerings but have a few small class D with various chips, some of them using great components, but they fall flat on their face compared to the old Trends amp.

I went from a SET 42wpc (Line Magnetic LM-805ia) to Atma-Sphere Class D monoblocks and an Atma-sphere MP-3.3 Preamp. Life is good- no regrets. I don't think I'll be going back to tube amps anytime soon.