'Complete' modern system for $1000

_note: forum.audiogon.com seems to be organized around ’separates’, where there’s no current ’integrated’ room for discussions like this. Taking my chances posting here - citizenry/forum mod can ignore/remove my post if it offends anyone._

In ongoing conquest to hifi every room in the house except bathrooms, I’m assembling a ’complete’, modern hifi system for $1000. No ’save your money and get ______’ or ’spend a little more on _______’ ... already did that for other rooms.

Modern means, well, modern: technology, materials, sources, connectivity & delivery, etc. My ’complete’ means it plays hifi music. It also means no phono or CDP.

Inspiration: https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/opinion/1213-a-feature-rich-fully-modern-hi-fi-system-you-c...


- amp <= all-in-one amp/dac best for me. _Must_ have headphone stage competent for Sennheiser HD650. Ethernet-in and sub-out highly desirable.
- dac <= prefer all-in-one but will do separates if optimal for inputs & still within budget
- speakers^ <= will consider active monitors & skip amp ... but then I won’t get any replies in this room ; )
- stands to get speaker axis up to 48" <= room has variable-height listening

sources: flac on NAS via UPnP/DLNA, Qobuz/Tidal, Spotify 320kbps
room: 20 x 15 x 8

Permutations I’m thinking about’:

- amp/dac all-in-one + passive speakers
- amp + dac + passive speakers
- DAC + active monitors

^ : already got sub to add to system if needed
’ : all include Chromecast Audio - because at $35 it’s a no-brainer for what you get

Thanks for considering, all helpful and sincere feedback appreciated.
"...[consider] some of the "Audioengine" components..."

thanks for replying. Call me principled (or naive), but I longer do business with Audioengine due to encountering shady behavior from one of the founders a few years ago. This was after I purchased their A2+ desktop speakers. Speakers are ok, but personally I hear less-than-honest audio EQ from them. Others may have a different experience.
out of curiosity i took a closer look at the emotiva pt-100, which seems to check all your boxes in terms of connectivity/remote and would obviously pair well with the airmotivs, which i like. seems like a good solution for little $$
"...emotiva pt-100"
thanks loomis, will look into pt-100. Airmotiv 4s will stay at remote office, where I’m really enjoying their sound. Recently deployed 4" yoga blocks under them for significant improvement (my own duh: gets speaker axis up off desktop and closer to ear-level).

Speaker part of $1K project is solved: I bought Paradigm Mini Monitor V7’s ($300).
In case it’s useful to anyone else, here’s where I ended up on this project:

  • amp/dac: Yamaha RX-V485 AVR, $349 new <= 80w 2ch 8ohms at 0.09% THD, TI/Burr-Brown PCM5101APWR DAC circuit, decodes .alac, .flac, aiff to 192kHz/32-bit; DSD support to 11MHz, Tidal to whatever their non-MQA max is, Spotify to 328Kbps
  • speakers: Paradigm Mini Monitor v7 $300 new <= 75Hz-22 kHz ±2dB, max input 80w
  • stands, interconnect, misc $140 <= Sanus Stand26, Monoprice 14awg, generic banana plugs, etc

Total: ~ $800

Sounds at least as good as $800 gets you. My baseline = Micromega M-100, Nola Boxer gen 1, Dynaudio Stand6, REL R-328, redbook, .flac, Tidal.