Complete vinyl system, TT to speakers, for $1500?

We just returned from a 2-week visit to our son who lives in Tokyo.  While there, we met a nice young woman who told me she would like to acquire an audio system with the express intent of playing LPs in her apartment.  Her budget is $1500 or less, as noted.  It's been years since I ever had to think in such budget terms, and when I did think about a $1500 system, it was back in the 70s when you could really buy something decent for that total amount.  (You could also buy a car for only a little bit more.) So, I am here for advice; she needs TT, tonearm, cartridge, phono stage, amplifier, and speakers. Thanks.


Yes, she’s in Tokyo and we got back to the US yesterday. But my son told her I’m a guru. US and Euro equipment can be more expensive in Tokyo compared to the source countries.

Dekay, thanks. Rega would be costly in Tokyo because made in UK. Might be ok but other suggestions appreciated.

@lewm really good of you to help out! Partially based on my own experience, Fluance might be just the ticket. I have the Fluance RT85 outfitted with AT VM750SH cartidge and it's quite good. [Sold the stock Ortofon 2M Blue,  which is more than adequate in its own right.]

In terms of the young woman's wants, Fluance caters to just that market. They have several systems coming in well below her budget - with enough leftover to pick up some good vinyl. Not sure about shipping from Canada to Tokyo. Check these out: 

All the best!

Was thinking to help her choose equipment she can just buy in Tokyo.  I was in a major store several times, and I think I did see Fluance there.  I'll check out the availability in Japan.

There are Two Vendors based in Japan in the Links, in general used equipment is for sale.

It does look like a decent system can be presented as a option when selecting items from either Vendor ot both of the Vendors.