Compliance of a First Generation Kiseki Blackheart

I have a 1st generation Kiseki Blackheart cartridge that has a compliance of 20x16-10 dyne listed on Vinyl Engine. What I cannot tell is if this is listed at 10 Hz or 100 Hz. If 10 Hz this makes it a relatively high compliance cartridge. If 100 Hz then not so much, a somewhat high low compliance design. No one seems to know who built the Kiseki cartridges with any certainty, so we do not know if this is a Japanese builders spec or not.

I am thinking of installing it on a SME V. That leads to another interesting question. The V is a 9.5 gram arm, and I do seem to remember owners and even reviewers pairing it with cartridges such as a Koetsu Rosewood. Seems like a significant mass and compliance mismatch. Matter of fact, most moving coils from the time of the original SME V seem ill suited to use with this arm. Even a good number of current moving coils are not likely to be compliant enough. So aside from some of the Audio Technica cartridges, what are favorable pairings?

I currently have a Transfiguration Proteus on it, and I had someone contact me interested in purchasing it. Now I had not given thought of selling it, but this has tickled my what if button. It also can make me think of selling my V and refitting my SOTA Cosmos with new arm and cartridge. Or selecting an appropriate arm for the Blackheart if the V is not compatible.

There would be ultimate kudos if someone ever answered with conviction who built the Kiseki. I don’t think Mr Foduko ever clipped a lock of hair and began polishing away to build super diamonds. But it’s a great story, isn’t it?


I did install the Kiseki this afternoon, and got the set up set. Of course I need a bit of fine tuning of tracking weight and VTA. This long body is a bit of a bastard to get on the SME arm, but it does fit. But the initial impressions are very positive, I think this cartridge is going to stay on this table. A very nice presentation. These first generation Kiseki were indeed special.

I purchased the Blackheart and had to have it replaced 3 times. Something was wrong with the suspension. It was making a tickling sound. I finally replaced it with a different brand. My understanding is that they stopped producing the Blackheart due to design issues related to this.

@hiendmmoe Mine is the first generation cartridge, not the new version. 

Mine would have been produced in the late 80s or early 90s.