component cones/spikes vs. rubber

I'm trying to decide whether I should put cones/spikes or Vibrapads/pods underneath my woodshelving which is directly underneath my components?

(Note: I currently have wood shelves underneath my components so the spikes/pads will be placed in a platform config. All of the above will be sitting on an audio rack)

1. Cary CD player
2. Audible Illusions 3A pre-amp
3. BAT 75SE tube amp

Appreciate any comments/thoughts?

"DING" the winner is, Mechans, If you use Spikes, or better, pointed brass Footers, you will have a path for vibrations to leave the componant.
If you use soft rubber pucks, or similar, no vibrations will get into your componant, BUT the one`s you have will never get out, either.
They all sound different....not better or worse. Also the materials that they are crafted from affects the overall performance. Brass sounds different than steel, etc. You have to hear it in place in your system to determine what is best for you.
I found that Aurios 1.1 work great with a 2"or 3" maple wood base.
They usually cost around $150.00 or less. Bang for the buck.
I did used these under all my tube gear.

Now have moved over to Finite Cerapucks and Cerabase
$375.00 and up per set.

has it right you got to get 3 or 4 different choices and listen to what U like, as they should all have a different tonal sound.

That is one thing I learned in Audio, you can't go 100% by someone else review, as your system and your room will probably not be the same. read , read and read, audiogon forum...Hope this helps.
Good Luck
How does a vibration get out of a system without vibrating the system on its way?
My Star Sound rack is mounted on large cones, uses steel supports filled with very small steel bearings and the components rest on other steel cones. The whole thing is designed to couple strongly to the floor and transfer vibrations from the component to the floor by a direct route. This seems to work as there is a noticeable reduction in high frequency noise, things sound softer but clearer. But other paths work as well, my other rack is a VPI TNT stand and on this I have found FIM roller bearings to be very effective, as well as between my speakers and my Skylan stands. Dealer disclaimer, I sell [theoretically] the things mentioned but use them only as examples, as mentioned above there is no single way that suits everyone, they ALL sound different.